Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Turn the other cheek...

So I gave my student another lesson. Even though Monday's was supposed to be her last. I spent all day thinking "you think I'm a horrible teacher? I can SHOW you a horrible teacher." Of course, that's the least productive attitude and it would only sully my reputation with any of her peers that come a-seeking lessons. We tried again. We started from the ground up. We reviewed all the things we've learned so far and then we ran the piece for the student recital tomorrow. It looks like she might actually talk to her parents about continuing lessons with me next semester, as I can help teach her her choir parts, prep her for solo and musical auditions and remind her that good technique takes YEARS to develop and even then, one has to think about it.

The lesson today was so rewarding. If she thinks I'm a terrible teacher, at least I have taken something from our little experience. Be the bigger man and never teach a lesson that you wouldn't want to take. Here's hoping that our little performance tomorrow goes well.


  1. You were the bigger person and I´m sure you´ll get rewarded for it. I´m glad you didn´t take it out on your student.
    I hope you have a good day Nanette!

  2. That was a very nice thing to do.....too many people think that they don't have to do their "homework" should all be done for them. Glad you didn't eat your frustration away.


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