Friday, June 8, 2012

Life continues...

This guy I've been talking to for a couple months finally met up with me yesterday. It was late because he works weird shifts. Sports Journalist for Madison Square. He met me at my station. Then we went over to Atlantic Ave and wandered around Brooklyn Heights. I wish I would have taken my camera. We walked around for a good hour and a half before going out to the pier (aka: romantic outlook-y place). 

It was so nice because yesterday I spent THE ENTIRE DAY in the house (but I did get in a short workout). And ate some pizza. I needed the movement and the fresh air. 

Today I'm heading out on the trains to Wappinger's Falls to meet a friend. Another adventure. Another navigating experience. (I've done pretty well so far). 

I'm feeling really unsettled because I'm not used to being unemployed. I haven't been scheduled yet at either work place. So I keep sending out my resume (like a champ)! But I will say that I'm really enjoying the down time. I haven't had that in a LONG TIME. 

Update you with photos in a couple of days. 

Big Fat Dating Love, 


  1. Photos. I want photos of Nanette walking about and seeing new things!!!! :)

  2. Yes, photos please -- and more details about your dates! :)


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