Thursday, June 7, 2012


Summer Sizzle Slim Down Challenge!

Okay. So I didn't know I got in... and now I'm a bajillion days late posting my first thingy.



Waist - 45.5"
Under Waist - 58"
Hips - 60 2/3"

Weight: 300

This Week's Challenge

Accountability - write down everything that passes the lips!!!

Since I'm starting late... I'm going to track like a mad woman. That and I probably won't see a ton of results by Sunday. Which is lame. But it'll be okay. TOM is approaching (sunday). But my body isn't reacting to it like normal. Normally this week would have been a week of massive gain. But so far, I've just been dropping all the stuff I gained from the good bye dinners and breakfasts and brunches.

I have NOT been working out! Ugh! I know I'm walking more. I know that the city makes you work. But I really want to keep my fitness up as well as slim down. So I need to commit to a few exercises every day.

- 20 squats
- 10 pushups
- 20 side lunges (10 each side)
- 10 pushups
- 1 min plank.

Each day until Sunday as a get started thing. I brought a ton of post its from Idaho. Post its are my organizing source. I use them as a weight loss ticker on the walls. I use them as a makeshift calendar. I use them as workout guides.


  1. I'm even later than you! I won't post a proper entry until I'm back in Kwit! I'm glad we're in another challenge together :)

    Good exercise plan ... Oh and I'm a total post-it addict :)

  2. YEah! Good for you for joining us.
    I can really tell you are slimming down!

  3. Let's kick butt on this challenge! We can do it! :)


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