Monday, June 25, 2012

SSSD week 3 wrap up.

Weight: 298 (-0)

Waist: 45.5"(-.75")
Under waist: 56.5 (-.5)
Hips: 60.5" (-.5)
I'm back to the measurements two weeks ago! :)

Monday - none
Tuesday - Walking around the park for 60 min.
Wednesday - Gym 60 min. (30 cardio, 30 weights).
Thursday - Walking around 30 min.
Friday - Walking 1 hour.
Saturday - Walking 1 hour.
Sunday - Walking 30 min.

Challenge: Try the ab machines at the gym. I did the rotate-y one... and the assisted crunches one. I think I get a better work out without them though. But the rotate-y one popped my back in the best way possible!

Honestly... I can't really say I committed to fitness this week. I deserve a -0 this week. Because I ate. Boy did I eat. Pizza, burger, cannoli, cheesecake, sushi, ostrich, nachos. If anything I'm surprised I was able to maintain.

So I have landed the job. That stress is out of the way. I go into the office today to get my schedule and to begin to build structure in my life. I'm so excited! I will learn about nutrition. I will be able to get myself regularly to the gym. I will be able to afford living here for at least a little while and meagerly, but it will be something.

I have no more excuses. No more moving worries, no more cash flow worries, no more impressing people worries, no more Will I have to move back to Idaho? worries. The good mental place is being prepared. I will be good. I will be fine.

I still need to have a little quiet time with a schedule and some paper to write it all out. Quiet time seems to be in short supply here.

I'm really excited to try and get 100 oz of water in. I've been so dehydrated. This will also give me an excuse to get to a sports store and buy a nalgene or camelbak water bottle!

Big Fat Let's Get Going Love,


  1. Congratulations on landing the job! I am sure that has taken a load off of your mind - now you can put all of that time you spent worrying to better use! :-)
    I've had weeks of that type of eating too - I know that when I am stressed, all bets are off and the food usually wins. Glad to hear though that you are ramped up to try getting in the 100 oz! That should be a sure fire way to boost a sluggish metabolism and get some weight off this week! At least that is my hope!!!
    Best of luck this week!

  2. What was that I read a while ago about no spending....? haha just kidding. I could use one of those bottles too!
    Good luck with starting the new job. Hope you like it!

  3. Get that water in and your schedule figured out. Wishing you all the best and support this week. :)

  4. Quiet time to plan and re-motivate makes ALL the difference. I hope you have a great week 4 Nanette and congrats on the job!!

  5. Awesome Nanette! So happy for you. I'm sure having a job will help get the rest of your routine in place and you can really enjoy being in NYC!


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