Sunday, June 3, 2012

RFSC - Final Post.

Goal: - 18 lbs (295)
Actual: - 9 lbs (304)

Goal: - 2"(45")
Actual: - 1.5" (45.5")

Goal: size 24 pants.
Actual: size 24!!!

And... I packed up my life, sold and trashed the rest, lost a job, quit another, was homeless for 4 days, got a sublet in Brooklyn, lined up a couple interviews, said a thousand good-byes to loved ones AND MOVED 2000 MILES FROM HOME!

Great freakin' challenge results if you ask me.

Big Fat Losin' It Love,


  1. And so it begins!!! :) Wishing you well in your new home.

  2. Oh, now your life is going to be exciting! (Not that it hasn't been while you were working toward this.) You did great during the challenge with everything else going on. AND you reached your goal size...yay!

  3. How exciting! Enjoy New York. I'll admit I'm a tad joalouse!!

  4. You must have been so elated when you got on the plane and then when you arrived. Can't wait to read about the new place, the new neighborhood, and the new routine you'll create. Man, look at what you accomplished. You can do anything.

  5. Great news!! Congrats on ... everything! I'm a few hours north of you in Albany, so, ya know if you want to show some random stranger your new digs and get in a good workout on the streets of brooklyn, I'll come down!

  6. Fabulous!! I admire you for trying so hard - and succeeding - to keep your goals in mind with everything that's been going on! Well done :)


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