Sunday, June 10, 2012

SSSD week one wrap up.

Weight: 294 (-6!)

Waist: 45.5" (-0")
Under Waist: 56.5" (-1.5") WHAT?!
Hips: 60" (-2/3")

So, Myfitnesspal hasn't been working out for me. I've been carrying a post it every day and writing down everything I eat on it. I don't know the exact amount of calories I'm eating, but I'm aware of the ratio of veg/fruit/protein that I'm getting.

Part of this losing so quickly has to do with a rather upset tummy. I've been spending a bit of time on the toilet the past 24 hours and dropped 4lbs overnight. So I'm staying in and hydrating today and probably going to eat some cottage cheese. Gotta try and solid things up. heh. TMI? I don't care.

Photos...   Okay guys, Here are some photos of the NY move. I'm not a great photographer, but you'll sorta get the idea.
Shasta... The bed we sleep on together. There's more to the apt. But probably not too interesting. 

After I went to see Allan, I know, I should have gotten a photo with him. 
The Room I share with Shasta. 

The courtyard of our apt. 

The street view in front of our little abode. 

My local station. Lovely outdoor station, I may hate that in the next few months. But for now, It's charming. 

My friend Laura and I out on Union Square after a very successful interview. 

graffiti that made me laugh. 

Forgetting I'd zoomed in. 

Right BEFORE my interview with Allan. 

So there are some of the adventures. I'll have more soon...   and I'll probably post some more about the dates and stuff later this week. 6 dates, 8 days. Tell you what, that's one way to keep the grocery bill down.

Wendy... over at Eat Sleep Move talked with me last night over the phone. Getting all the gory date details and hearing the stress garbage... I've had two job offers, but have been scheduled at either one, so I'm continuing on with my job searches as though I hadn't gotten my hopes up. Without employment, I can't make commitments to things like a gym or buying new, smaller clothing... It's just such a level of stress I'm unaccustomed to. This is the longest I've ever gone unemployed... going on 14 days.

I'm losing weight, but I fear some of that is my muscle mass that I've worked so hard for. As fitness has not been the main focus of my life right now. Anyway... Wendy, out of the sweetness and kindness of her heart, hooked me up with a gym pass for the next three months. When she did, I broke down sobbing. One less thing on the plate to worry about... I'm so grateful. I feel like getting to go to the gym is going to at least give me some structure, some alone time from roommate and a way to work some stress out.

This is such a great community... this fat blogging community. Allan is trying to hook me up with a job, Wendy has helped me continue to pursue fitness... All of you support me through thick and the pursuit of thin. I would normally be too proud to accept anything like a gym pass or a job offer, but whereas I'm probably in one of the toughest transitions of my life, I'm SO humbled by the kindness and selflessness of others... and I would be an idiot to not accept the help extended to me by others.

Silly date post later...

This week's challenge: 6 hours of exercise. 



  1. What a huge loss!! Even if you were sick, I'm sure you're elated to see the 200's.
    I sure hope you find a paying job soon. You will be an asset to any place of work, I'm sure!

  2. Great loss. What a motivating start to the Summer Sizzle Challenge. Good for you....although hopefully next week sickness won't be involved!!
    I wouldn't worry about 14 days of unemployment - hopefully something will come your way soon.

  3. Great loss, hope you are feeling better!
    Good luck on the job search.

  4. I think you're in a good place mentally. Just keep breathing!

  5. Sorry you feel poorly, I hope you feel better real soon. A job will turn up, don't stress, it will all work out.
    Good luck for week 2.

  6. Congrats on the weight loss!

    I almost got tearful too thinking of another blogger giving you a 3 month gym pass...that is AWESOME! You need to rock it the next three months ... show her what a great decision it was. And when its done pay it forward doing something awesome for someone else. I love it!

    Good luck this week!

  7. Geez Nanette, you're going to be a skinny babe before you know it. Maybe being at the gym will help with stress. Here's wishing you a job as soon as possible.

  8. Excellent loss this week most importantly I hope you start feeling better. Sometimes a new move sets off our entire body and system. Feel better!!

  9. I am a new follower from the Summer Sizzle! I am looking forward to seeing your progress all summer!! Congrats on the loss! That is very exciting!! – Nicole from

  10. It is great all that is happening with you! The place you live in looks like another country sort of Euro/boho! Nice. NYC is a great place for the young and young at heart.

  11. That train station is very cute indeed!I agree with you about the blogging community- I never knew, when I first started blogging, that I'd end up making the most amazing friends! Good luck to you with everything! I'll be checking in!

  12. Moving to a new place and getting settled in is a workout in itself!! Thanks for sharing pix - love the NYC photos, makes me miss it so much!! Hope everything goes well with the interviews :)


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