Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Intentions...

So... here we are on Tuesday and I STILL HAVEN'T BEEN TO THE GYM.

Monday was a lot of running around. (grocery shopping, job interview, meeting an Idaho friend and stuff).

Tuesday was a lot of running around. (two interviews, a long walk through central park, a long walk through astoria to find the groupon restaurant laura and I were going to had closed permanently, then a long walk to find a different restaurant and then getting home late late).

Tomorrow... 90 degree weather, 89% humidity. I'm staying in for the most part. No interviews. I'll be researching temp agencies... and hoping for a call from the chiropractor/nutritionist guy that I interviewed with today (p.s. It seems like the perfect fit. Health and nutrition on top of getting paid, perfect).

I'm also extending a personal challenge to myself. I've already paid for groceries for at least a week. I have an unlimited metro card. I have a gym pass.

Aside from $10 for laundry in the next two weeks. I'm going to see how many days I can go without spending a dime in the city. Boys buying things for me doesn't count. NO PERSONAL SPENDING.

Tuesday: Check - Laura got dinner and I packed lunch.

I'm slowly putting weight back on from the food poisoning. So this is also a health thing. I have a ton of produce in my apt. I just need to eat it... and veer from things like ordering pizza or ostrich burgers or fried things.

Tomorrow, I may be staying in, but I can sit down and have some time to myself to think about my schedule and get my mind in the game. Scheduling a sacred workout time and a menu from the stuff I just bought (ummm... $.75 for a thingy of raspberries, awesome). It'll be nice to have some non-fevered quiet time. Also, I commit to working out tomorrow. Hold me to it, folks.

Think. Center. No dates. No interviews. Just getting my brain and body in sync.

Me + Central Park + a tunnel. 

Fake Rock Climbing. 

The courtyard of the place I Interviewed today. Everyone looks so posh. I need a makeover. 

I love random graffiti... and they have such good taste. 

Big Fat Get It Together Love,


  1. I hope you are having a good week, Nanette!!

  2. I'm a bit behind catching up on your blog - glad you took some time to refocus and work on a plan! Hope it's going well :)


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