Sunday, June 17, 2012

SSSD Update!

Weight: 298lbs (+4) gaining back the weight from sickness. 

Waist: 46.25" (+.75")
Under waist: 57"(+.5")
Out at the park this week. 
Hips: 61" (+1") 

6 hours of exercise!
Tuesday: 1 hour - walking. 
Wednesday: 1 hour - walking
Thursday: 2 hours - walking + trainer. 
Friday: 30 min - walking (LAZY)! 
Saturday: 30 min - walking (girls night... too much food). 
Sunday: 1 hour - 30 min elliptical + 30 min weights Upper body. 

SIX HOURS!  I made it! Granted, I kinda nickle and dimed the walking time because I didn't get the gym pass until Thursday. 

I'm not shocked by the numbers this week, since last week was the midst of the illness stuff. But the good news is, is that I didn't gain it all back. So I still consider it a solid -2lbs. Also, last night was salt salt salt and mojitos. 

Today at the gym was absolutely fantastic. I can do this every day and not worry about it. 
20 min on the elliptical. 
chest fly. 10 reps x 3
Rows. 10 reps x 3
Lat raises. 10 reps x 3
Tricep 3 ways.  10 reps x 3
Crunches. 10 reps x 3
Squat machines. 10 reps x 3

I also found the tiny stretching area. So I have a place I can do my bodyrock/Zuzana Lights stuff too and have a place for it where I won't have to worry about waking the neighbors. I'm really quite pumped. Today I felt like I owned that gym. I got what I needed done! 

This week...  
Try a new work out or machine. 

Easy-peasy! There's a whole gym that I need to explore. I want to venture into the "core machines" which I've never used before. 

Big Fat Feelin' Better Love, 


  1. Sorry you had a small gain due to being ill but yay for being down overall - and it's the bigger picture that counts anyway.
    Loving your positive attitude =)

  2. You're firmly in the 2's....:) Congrats. You are back:)

  3. Yes you are in the 2's, YEAH!!! Good luck this week Nanette. You will rock, I know you will. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing. Take care and God Bless!!

  4. You are still in the 200's and that's what counts. I think it's great you are so enthusiastic about the new gym!

  5. I cant wait to hear about the core machines!!! I NEED to work on my core!!

  6. I have an almost identical gym routine that I do..its awesome! Seems like you had a pretty solid week, keep going! Can't wait to hear about these core machines.

  7. You had me at mojitos! LOL...LOVE them!
    Doesn't getting sick and losing weight, only to gain it back when you eat real food again, suck? But I have no doubt you are going to rock it this week because you will be hitting that gym and trying those new core exercises! AWESOME!!!
    I look forward to checking in with you this week to see how it's going.....keep up the great work! Have fun this week with the new machines!

  8. Now that you've found a gym, you'll be unstoppable!!
    Good luck with this week!

  9. Congrats for keeping in the 200s! That's awesome! Can't wait to hear about your new gym adventures! :D


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