Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two days... and the second interview.

My no spending thing lasted two days. TWO DAYS. Because I left the house without a water bottle. I'm going to keep going and see how minimally I can spend though. Good for budget. Good for body.

I had a call-back interview today for a Nutritionist's office. It would be so great... I want it... But I fear that I kinda screwed things up a little in my interview today. They asked for pet peeves. I told them that poor communication is a huge pet peeve of mine. You know, the kind that leads to the confrontation that goes like...

"why didn't you (insert request)?"
"you didn't tell me that you wanted (insert request)."
and then I get all pissed that someone was IMPLYING instead of actually voicing expectations.

And the other pet peeve is tardiness...

I always run early. I make air tight, fool proof schedules so everyone gets what they want.

I shouldn't have said that. It's a Doc office. Everyone runs late. The doc runs late. He doesn't want to hire a harpie. Granted, I should have told him that I like to learn what people are like and then tailor my time expectations of them.

I just sounded really uptight and that's the last thing I left them with. I should have turned it around into a positive. But I didn't. There's a nugget of "didn't get the job" sitting in the pit of my stomach. It's sitting in a cloud of hope though. I REALLY WANT THIS. I could learn so much about nutrition working there! It would be SO beneficial.

I'm laying here...  wanting to throw a 4 year old tantrum. I know I can do this job. Just hire me. I'm friendly! I'm energetic! I'm organized! And over the moon for post-its! I wanna kick and scream until I get my way (probably an excellent way to burn calories). But it won't get me anywhere.

Sounds like a good time for the gym. Kicking and screaming and taking it out on my body. Getting out this nervous energy, maybe move me away from that crying tantrum feeling... that's coming from the niggling doubt that I blew it.



  1. Oh, I'd drive you crazy, as I run on Cuban time. Well, okay, when it comes to doc appointments and my job, I'd get there on time (give or take 5 mins some days). But scrupulously punctual, ah, no. And if it's not a strong appt or job, I might stroll in an hour or two after whatever time is printed on an invitation. Well, not always..hahaha. I need a flex job, where you can come in "ish" and leave "ish" times--like hubby's.

    Hope they hire you, hon.

  2. Email him. Explain that you feel like you need to clarify and you think you would be an awesome addition to his team. Thank him for the interviews What's the worst that can happen?

  3. I agree with Beth. Damage control. Follow up. Make the first gesture. Do it. But don't overdo it.

  4. Aww I hope you do get the callback! I agree with the above, opening the communication lines isnt a bad idea as long as its not overly done. Those questions are always kinda tricky arent they? its not until after youve answered them you want to go back and revise the answer a little. Good luck!!

  5. Ah, working for a nutritionist seems like a prime job opportunity! I'm crossing my fingers for you -- that you get a call back!

  6. Hope you get it!!!
    I share those pet peeves!!


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