Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Interesting?

It's been a crazy week. I've been putting in 12 hour days. My coworker's husband decided it's splitsville and she needed a little time off to sort things out. On the sunny side of things, the hours are going to help me significantly when it comes to getting started in the new house. The extra money is just about the same amount as a new bed and box spring. Go figure. :)

Eating has been better. I get a little fruit for breakfast. I have a big salad for lunch. Dinner is usually some pita/veggie/turkey sandwich from Subway... not the worst, not the best, but it's certainly not half a pizza like it was last week!

Found an excellent restaurant called westville. They serve delicious veggies... 4 sides for $14. That's a price I can handle. And if you're doing the sides it's pretty much all veggies. I had goat cheese and beets, asparagus, pesto mashed potatoes and plum tomatoes with basil and mozzarella. Why yes... cheese. My favorite thing making some of my other favorite things MORE favorite.

I haven't worked out in a week and a half and I can feel it in my muscles. I feel like I'm made of puffiness... A desk job doesn't help. This morning I did a little thing just to remind my body it can move...

10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 pushups and stretch. It's pretty much all I have time for. Even this blog is going to make me late.

But I love you guys and I have a lot of things to talk about when I finally get to the weekend.

Big Fat WORKING Love,

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