Thursday, July 12, 2012

STARVING... Okay... maybe just REALLY HUNGRY.

So yesterday is a fine example of the kind of problem I'm having planning stuff... remember the good intentions and the menu and stuff? Immediately after I wrote that, I got a call from my friend and I had to bolt (unshowered and gross) across town to see a property (we're looking for a lease) on the other side of brooklyn. Hurriedly, I threw on my work clothes just in case I couldn't make it home. But I mean, honestly, it was 9:00am. and I didn't have to be to work until 1:30. I should have had time, right? 


The cab didn't show up. So we had to find an alternate route. run to the subway. Take a shuttle. But the realtor thought we would be there in like... 15 min. Turning out to be 30... 45...   I'm stressing my face off. Then we get there... and we speed walk 3 streets and an avenue (I've learned that they're different). Meet up with Boris and he drives us to the property. 

Driving takes 20 minutes. It's less than 5 miles away. TWENTY MINUTES. That is only slightly faster than walking. We see the apt in about 20 minutes as well... drive back in 20 minutes. Go to the office. Fill out paperwork for credit checks another 20 minutes... it's 11:45a.m. already! 

What subway am I near? Will it take me all the way to work? No. Walk another .5 miles. Realize that I left without breakfast. I left without lunch. I didn't pack a dinner. Balls. Hurry into a Duane Read and buy a bag of unsalted almonds and a water bottle. RUN the rest of the way to work. 

Work is slammed. CONSTANTLY going going going. Everything was going well though. From 1:30 - 8:00pm. I didn't have time to pee. I forgot entirely about the almonds. I get done. Drag myself to the train. NO energy. Start fantasizing about what food I'm going to order when I get home... realize I'm about to sign a lease and I have a total of $12 that needs to last me two weeks. Start thinking of the food I can make. 

Get home. Take of 80% of my clothes. Make a tuna melt and a salad and some cottage cheese... and a slice of cheese... and a tomato... and a huge bottle of water. Get a phone call from a guy I've been meaning to go on a second date with. Hurry and eat dinner. Meet him at 14th street... it's 12:20a.m. We walk from union square all the way to flatbush (across brooklyn bridge) and then poop out and take a cab home. It was approximately 5.5 miles. I get home at 2:30am. Realize I have to take papers over to the realtor in the morning. Must be up by 8:30. 

Accidentally sleep in. oops. Will fax the papers when I get to work. And the best intentions for today...  

Just eat something. a little something, every four hours or so. 
and drink water. 

Big Fat Tired Love, 


  1. Oh, Nanette, you are too busy. Well, you are certainly getting in some good exercise, even if it's not gym-oriented. Maybe for those unexpected excursions you could pack a bag and just keep it in your fridge with a few baby carrots, a cheese stick, yogurt, or whatever you like, and then another little zip bag by the fridge of a few nuts, crackers, and a protein bar. And a bottle of water to grab as you go out. Just emergency stuff. I always keep a protein bar and some nuts in my purse, sometimes so long that I have to toss them, but at least they're there so I don't get caught when my sugar drops. You're doing great, and life happens. I hope you get the apartment!

  2. Sounds really really busy!! But you are young and can do it. I hope it works out and you get the new place!

  3. Ah, you have yet to get used to the hurried-ness that makes NYC so beautiful. It'll come with time. :) Lesson: always have a bag packed in the fridge with lunch and snacks that you can grab and go. At least you'll know that the worst that can happen food-wise is you'll have to carry some or most of it back home. Unless you leave it on the train. Don't leave it on the train. ;)

  4. Insanely busy day! I agree with the other commenters - having some snacks ready to grab and go will help. Hope you get a chance to rest and unwind soon :)


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