Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SSSD Update... late late late.

Weigh in: 295 (-1)


Waist - 45.25"
Under waist - 54"
Hips - 61"

Exercise: None

Water: 100% (it's so hot!!!) 

Ultimately, what happened was I didn't eat enough throughout the day and then I would eat a bajillion calories at night. So I need to come up with snack packs... Remember that conclusion that we all came to last week? YEah... I didn't get to spend much time this weekend prepping for a good week. aka: no time. 

But Good News! 

I have signed a lease. 900 sq feet in Bushwick neighborhood. 3 bedrooms (two other girls are on the lease as well). Hard wood floors, brushed steel appliances, two apartment building. Second floor, lots of windows. central air...   Fooooooorrrr a whopping $1700 a month... all bedrooms not being created equal, I'm only paying $550 a month + utilities. Dear other people from around the New York area... let others know how FREAKING AWESOME that is. :) 

This week. 
I'm not going to commit to a 5k. My life is kinda nuts right now and I can't make a commitment (financially or otherwise). But I will make it to the gym 3x this week. Yuppers.

Continue blogging every day. 

Big Fat LEASED Love, 


  1. Congrats on the apartment - and yes, I DO know that $550 a month in NY is awesome. Or more like unheard of unless you are sharing with a gazillion people - which you are not! Lucky!
    Don't let all the excitement of the big city make you forget about your goals though. Keep progressing - do the snack packs. They will help! Planning is key, tracking is even more important!!!
    Have a great week - kick some ass on that scale on Sunday!

  2. Julie is doing a virtual walk, run, hop, skip for the challange. No cost.

  3. And you are so welcome to come and join us. I have you listed. YEAH!!! Nanette is joining us too.
    Yep, planning....keep planning Nanette. You've come way to far to just let things progress to the not so good. Keep working at this.
    Yeah to a wonderful new place for an affordable price. Enjoy!!!
    Take care and God Bless!!

  4. Getting those snacks planned and hitting the gym 3x this week sounds like a good plan to me!
    Have fun setting up your new place :)
    I often think that I want to move to NYC just so I can shop at The Container Store (6th Ave and W 19th St) :)


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