Monday, July 2, 2012

Will do, DID do

Just got home from a gym date. It was supposed to last an hour but it only took 45 min to do my weights and cardio! I'm so determined to lose the 2lbs this week. This morning I weighed in and I was down a pound already. Granted... I'll believe the weigh in on Sunday and not get ahead of myself. 

3x10 reps
bicep curls
tricep extensions
lat pulls
laying squats
hamstring curls
quad extensions
And 20 min on the elliptical. 

I didn't eat breakfast before working out. I should have. But a routine is established slowly. So I'll try that again tomorrow. Also, neglected to get some of the produce on my shopping list as the grocery store (stop and shop) is ridiculously expensive for non-organic produce. There's a cute little Mexican grocery down the street where I can get raspberries for $0.49 a thingy that costs $2.00 at the Stop and Shop. Same brand and everything. 

I'm getting excited about the produce that's starting to come into season. SO EXCITING! Peaches... I can't wait for ripe, delicious peaches! 

Big Fat Love, 


  1. Great workout routine & yay for peaches :)

  2. Awesome workout! I love me a good juicy nectarine, I actually had 1 the other day... I need to get me some more!

  3. It's encouraging seeing the numbers change early in the week! I can sense your determination to lose the weight -- this week you will totally deserve it! :D Good luck!

  4. Good job on the workout!! Keep it up!

  5. We just got peas and Rainier cherries at the farmers market out here! The cucumbers are starting to come onto the markets as well, and I had one of the most crisp, juicy cucumbers I had ever had. Soooo good. Good produce definitely makes eating healthier easier.


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