Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Come On, Lady...

So again with the inconsistency. What I thought my menu would look like yesterday and what it actually turned out to be were two totally different things.

Breakfast: sleep.
Lunch: Shake Shack Veggie Burger and small fry.
Snack: Large unsweetened ice tea, 2 lemon stuffed green olives, a dried mango slice, a dried kiwi slice, a cube of white sharp cheddar, a cube of reggiatino cheese.
Dinner: Tomato + cucumber gazpacho.
Snack: a little more cheese. a few dark chocolate chips. A caramel. and a little more cheese. a couple of those olives.

SNACK ATTACK. That's what happened. This is a serious case of giving in. Laura and I went to lunch and then she needed to go to Zabars to pick up stuff for an antipasto plate she was making for her husband. Well, Zabars happens to have the world's most delicious cheese section, think "mall of fancy cheeses at reasonable prices!" And that sort of pooped all over my good intentions. Well, no, by giving in, I pooped all over my good intentions.

Let's take a look at that menu. Fried, carbs, salt, sugar, salt, veggie, salt, sugar, sugar, salt, salt. Yeah. Not the greatest. I'm on the scale this morning and it's the same number as Sunday. Laura and I walked over two miles yesterday to get to the shake shack and back to the subway line. Then I walked to and from the laundromat. So we're looking at a good 3 miles at least yesterday. But I still don't count it as exercise because my heart rate wasn't up... though I got a pretty good sweat, as it's warm.

Uh, sidenote, made it through the day vegetarian. Proof that even a vegetarian diet can be bad for you if you don't eat the veg part.

And here's the thing. Eating like this has not made me feel good. My energy is kinda low. My joints hurt. I'm swollen (salt much?) and seem to have a sugar hang over (which I firmly believe exists).

Today. Let's try to say something and actually stick with it, Nanette. Tiny things. This is a commitment to health. This is a commitment to your body. This is a commitment to not being like dad, to not being diabetic, to the clothes you hauled across the nation that you swore you would fit into...

Today's menu
Breakfast: cottage cheese.
Lunch: spinach salad, tomato, almonds, olives, dressing, tuna. NO CHEESE.
Dinner: Chicken breast + left over gazpacho.
Pre-bed: frozen grapes.

IF I FEEL SNACKY... which I probably will. Approved snacks.
an ounce of cheese.

Big Fat Get Your Shit Together Love,


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