Friday, July 20, 2012

A motivational speech.

Here's what's going on in the life lately...

  • Boy wants to be exclusive. I'm not sure I'm ready for that. But I'm REALLY craving some consistency. 
  • Work is good. Building a better relationship with the doc and coworkers. (while looking for another job... what!? I need more hours). 
  • Budget is tight. Trying to meet $1200 worth of bills with a $1000 income. 
  • Roommate... is okay. I think we drive each other nuts. But it'll get better in the new apartment come August... We'll have our own rooms. 
  • Food has been better. I'm still doing the famine then binge thing. I haven't had time to run to a freaking grocery store (my work hours are kind of odd).
  • Sleep... I haven't had good sleep in over 3 nights now. 
  • Water, Rockin' the water. 
  • Exercise. Well... I'm walking lots still... moreso than normal. I've decided to stop using the subway stop close to me and use the one not so close to me just so I can get in an extra .5 miles of walking every day. 
I feel like I need to recommit. Like when I was back in Idaho... I could mentally prep myself... lay out the ground work for a plan for however long it would take me, then implement a change. I'm having a hard time controlling my life like that here. It may be that I don't have the monetary freedom to afford everything I want/need to help along the way. It may be the stress. It may be that I don't have any of my own space (I'm sharing a freaking BED, people). It may be that I haven't fully adjusted to my new life yet. Let's face it... as far as NYC living goes, I'm a novice. But i'm trying not to be discouraged. 

I need to mentally prepare. 
- Game plan. (nike fitness app + back to menus)
- Inspiration/Desire. (working on it, gotta rough myself up a little). 
- Measurable goal. (22 weeks or 5 months, aim for -10lbs a month, be happy with -7lbs). 

I need to commit to a date. 
- August 6th (when I will finally have my own room). 

As skeptical of reading a fitness book as I was for Mir's challenges... I'm starting to realize, even if it's procrastinated, it's a little *ding* reminder in my head that This is what i'm doing. So head out to a book store or re-read the one I brought with me. 

Dear Nanette, 

You have 2 weeks to come to terms with the fact that the habits you've started in this city are going to be over. You have 2 weeks to deal with the fact that working out will be your second job. You have 2 weeks to make excuses. You have 2 weeks to be lazy and let your social life rule the roost. You have 2 weeks to make lists about why you are fat, why you hate being fat, why a healthy lifestyle will benefit you and all the things you'd rather do fit and thin. 

In two weeks you will take health and wellness as seriously as if it were your job. You will show up on time to your work outs. You will respect the work out time. No one can contact you or talk you out of it. You will eat what you are supposed to because your body feels better when you do. Your energies are higher and you are a happier person. You will be in a better mental place. You will go to bed at midnight, regardless of who you're with or what you've got planned. 

Big Fat Mentally Preppin' Love, 

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  1. Get to it! LOL I am just checking in on you. Starve and binge...sounds familiar to me. I confess and this is bad that when I binge, I get guilt feelings to the point I wish I were a purger..just for a moment. The great thing about eating healthy is that FOOD is not the enemy. I never thought in my life I would look at anything fast foodie and despise it. It is sad that I can not enjoy a fat in and out animilized burger or a plate of nachos...I could and have eaten it...but the eating makes me feel like I have destroyed my plan.


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