Sunday, July 1, 2012

SSSD Update and This week's goal

Weight: 297 (-1) Which I didn't deserve.

Waist - 45.25 (-.25")
Under waist - 54 (-1.5")
Hips - 61 (+.5")

Exercise: NONE. Aside from walking around.

Water: 5/7 over 100 oz. 

Food: Ate out so much. Also, had a little night out with friends, so adult beverages in addition. Saketinis. 
I didn't post a recipe this week. I just don't do that. My food usually doesn't require recipes. It's just like... this is a tomato. eat the tomato. Aren't tomatoes delicious?! Recipe! 

So these last two weeks, I've sorta taken a dating hiatus. When I date, I lose focus on all other things that are important in life. Which is stupid. Because along with that my sense of self sorta gets fuzzy too. What's so amazing is that last week, when I told myself no dating... No dating until you have a job. I got a job. So this week. I'm telling myself no dating until you lose 2 lbs. Don't get me wrong. I have gone on dates. But I'm not actively seeking them or trying to meet new people. I need simplicity and order and peace in my life in order to focus on changes. Look at all this learning! 

Plus, dating comes with spending money, eating out and generally other fat-activities. fativities? Though I did have a really good and enlightening date this last friday. The guy is a chef and we made stuff together (aka he made, I watched)... 

1st coursegazpacho with crouton, basil leaves and 3 basil gelatin noodles. 

2nd course
salmon three ways (sake, lemon, mint soaked sashimi, oven seared and salted and fried salmon skins) with roasted peppers and a pine nut/sunflower seed, lemon, mint and olive oil dressing.  

3rd course
thinly sliced apple with real maple and cinnamon glaze. 

I guess that's the closest you're gonna get to a recipe from me. heh! It felt like I was on the food network. It was all so fancy and not simple. not simple whatsoever. 

This week I also started the new job. Chiropractor/nutritionist's office admin person. It's been really great. I have an excellent coworker. I'm surrounded by positive, health-minded people and I can get supplements at wholesale cost which is great! I plan on trying Uber Greens (a drink mix) and a Whey Protein Powder at some point and I'll let you know how it goes. 

In the office they talk a lot about energies and amplifying the energies and stuff like that... which I don't buy 100% into. And it sometimes seems a little woo-woo, fictional science... that kind of thing. However, I was looking at his diet plans (he's got a big book of them, one for everything, stress, diabetes, weight loss, better sleep, arthritis, ulcerative colitis) and they make so much sense. He's of the abandon sugar, keep a steady blood sugar, don't be afraid of fats, school of thought. Which I am too... and that meat isn't the enemy, but vegan and vegetarianism are great too if you choose that route. 

I'm hugely skeptical of the homeopathy stuff sometimes. But I know that with proper nutrition you can prevent diseases and being heavily medicated...What the doc does, is essentially he builds each client a personalized multi-vitamin... sometimes to treat ailments, sometimes to prevent ailments. He will always yield to the medications that they're already on, and cooperate with other doc orders that clients have received. No harm, no foul. While I may not buy entirely into taking 15 supplements a day, I do think that good nutrition is essential to good health and I can stand behind that. There's a lot to learn in his office. I'm excited to take it all in and help my own little weight loss journey. 


- drink 100oz every day. 
- work out 3x this week. 
- stick to the menu. 
- lose 2lbs! 
- Take progress photos... progress? I'm not sure they'll be much different than the last ones, but I'll take 'em anyway. 

Big Fat Workin' Girl Love, 


  1. You've had so much going on. The 1 lb loss is great. Although you may not have had structured exercise and you've been eating differently, sometimes a change is what the body needs - and it doesn't always lead to a gain in weight (though of course, sometimes it does)! Plus, I'm sure things will start to improve even more as you settle into a schedule. Hope you have a terrific week ahead :)

  2. Congrats on the new job! Sounds very interesting!
    Good luck meeting your goals this week!

  3. I like that you have a "level" head on your shoulders. You don't buy into hype and you really sound down to earth. I like that. I know you will do well on your weight loss journey and wish you a good week!

  4. Now that is a job I would love. Learn all you can, Nanette, whether you believe it all or not. Knowledge is power.

  5. Congrats on the loss - and that menu??? Oh yum!
    Sounds like a very cool job - somewhere that you will learn a lot. I love that!

  6. Yeah, I totally agree about the dating - it sucks energy away from other things, and you have so much going on right now that will really benefit from energy and attention. I LOVE your attitude though! Plus - I think that you totally deserve the loss to 297 - walking is exercise, even if it doesn't seem as hard as what you're used to.

  7. Looks like you landed a very interesting job. Good luck with week five of he challenge.

  8. Sounds like this job is perfect for you right now. Soak up as much as you can. Knowledge is a good thing!

  9. I understand the feeling of not deserving it, but at least you saw a loss. Congrats!! Remember you are still adjusting to your new surrounds and life.

  10. You are doing great#!! Just keep a positive mind. You have made so many changes in your life recently that it's going to take time for things to level out.

  11. Our SIL is a chiropractor and I never used to like them until he came along. LOL He suggests only one multivitamin a day and two other things- I forget what because I don't take anything- but he says that my exercise and nutrition are KEY and I agree. I'm glad to know that your work environment is so positive! That will prove to be so helpful to you! Just keep it positive! You'll be fine!


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