Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Lovely Friday Night...

I did a little better with the eating. I mean, I had a little left over pizza. But I also ate a salad. Some fruit. Things that resemble health foods! I think I got about 120oz of water in. I've been a thirsty bird. 

I also made it out to the NY Philharmonic free concert in the park. Tchaikovsky, Resphigi and FIREWORKS! They had a big fireworks show afterward. Aside from the musical genius on stage, the fireworks made it the best symphony concert I've been to. 

My seat was terrible. I was on a grassy knoll to the extreme left of the conductor. He was about as tall as my pinky nail. But it was nice to lay in the grass and stare at the leaves and listen to some Romantic Era music with the date. And it was really neat how as soon as they started playing... THOUSANDS of people all shut up. That's power. It was so cool. 

I travel into the city to sign my lease! We got the apartment! I'm a REAL New Yorker! So it will be me, Tamara and shasta out in a soon to be gentrified neighborhood, a block away from the L train. Three Idaho girls. Three bedrooms. $575 a month for my room. 

Because of the immediate expense of signing a lease (deposit, first month, last month)... and because our lease starts August 1st and the sublet ends August 31st. I'm subletting my room for the first month. That will knock down my cost a good deal (see: 1/3). Tamara, who's been here for a year + already, is fronting us the deposit and fees so Shasta (who just got a job!) and I can pay her back and we can have an awesome place. 

I need to buy a bed + sheets. 
And hangers. 
And kitchenware. 

But yeah...   I'll get to that eventually. 

Also today, I jumped on the scale and I've lost 2lbs so far this week. Not in the most healthy way, but it's 2 lbs down and that's the right direction! 



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