Monday, July 9, 2012

So This Weight loss Thing and SSSD Update.

Weigh in: 296 (-1)

Below Waist:

Water: 4/7 over 100 oz.

Monday: Hour at the gym.
Tuesday: walk to work.
Wednesday: Dancing at the rooftop party.
Thursday: walking to work.
Friday: aherm. a very fun physical date.
Saturday: fun physical date continues.
Sunday: Walking date around union square and the neighborhood.

So guys... let me break this down for you. I have been SUCKING at this weight loss thing lately. That pound could just as easily be water weight as it could be fat. I have been eating like shit (yesterday's 4 slices of pizza? and a handful of oreos?). I haven't been working out. I even have a gym membership, compliments of dear Wendy (which makes me an ingrate, right?). I feel stuck, but like I don't have enough horsepower to get myself out of this rut. I'm full of excuses... It's hot, I'm tired, I'm on my period, oh I'm just dehydrated...   LIES.

FACT: I am fat and lazy.
FACT: I am entirely in charge of that situation.
FACT: I will stay fat and lazy until I exercise the willpower to be otherwise.
FACT: Willpower and motivation require time and focus.

I'm sick of this weekly motivational speech/guilt trip for not doing what I know is best for me. But I know I have to give it. I can't just give up. I can't just let all the work I've done go on pause. I don't want to regain. So I guess this means I need to blog EVERY. DAY. SOMETIMES. TWICE. Sorry guys if it's lame. But I need to get my brain focusing on the fat loss and not what to put in my face next.



  1. I will look forward to your posts everyday!

  2. I learned from experience that it's hard to get back on track but it's not worth what you will gain if you don't keep pushing & trying to get there! I gained 35 pounds as I took 4 months to get back on track, let it be a lesson. Nothing is more important than you and your health, take some fun time but be sensible and keep trying to get back to the healthy ways and back on track. You'll be happier when you do, TRUST ME:-)

  3. You blog your heart out, if that is what you need! I totally get that. Wishing you the best!

  4. Hey - we are hear to read/listen/offer encouragement and support if you want to write. We have all had bad weeks - let this one slide off and get back to what you KNOW you can do. I just looked at your weight loss log to the right of your blog and that shows me that you have been rocking the weight loss, so please don't give up! This is a long journey that is often filled with mountains, valleys and just need to stay focused and believe in yourself. And wherever you got those Oreos, don't go there again. (If they are in your house, toss 'em. NOW).
    We're rooting you on!!! Go, Nanette, Go!!!

  5. Yes, we are here reading and encouraging you. And sometimes kicking your butt. If the pizza and cookies are not already gone, THROW THEM OUT. (I had to throw my beloved potato salad away. BooHoo!)

    Nanette, I was told that you can lose weight by dieting only, but you cannot lose weight by exercising only. For me, it's easier to do a little of both. BUT, you cannot lose weight by not exercising and by know, what you ate. Except for that phantom pound you lost.

    I have been on and off the wagon during the past two years (and several times before that) so I am not scolding you. I have been there. I do know that you have had several major life changes in quite a short time. The exhaustion may be just now getting to you, now that you have a place to live, have completed your studies, have made the big move, and have a job. Whew! But do not become complacent, and the Nanette I know will not! Get back to your good eating plan, and get back to some exercise. Remember how good it felt when you were doing both? And losing weight. You can do it. Get your focus back, use the nutritional information available where you work, and get your ass in gear, girl! Do it while you're young, because it gets more difficult with age.

    Again, yes, we are here for you.

  6. I'm sitting in the same rut... losing & gaining the same 3lbs. You may be right about the daily blogging -- it definitely could help if you were forcing yourself to think about it constantly. I'm looking forward to reading them. I may have to find my own version of that (daily reminder) -- I'm so easily distracted. Good luck to you!

  7. Your Friday and Saturday workouts sound like the most fun ;)

    You know what you need to do to get back on the ball. Just do it.

    I have complete confidence that you can turn this around! :)

  8. Oh Nanette...only you can make me blush talking about your workouts. You have a kindred spirit back in Spokane. The rut remember how much it's going to suck if you wait too long to get back into it. Running for me right now hurts soo freaking bad because I let my laziness get the best of me for too long and lost all the gains I had. Don't let that happen to you! It sucks! You can do it sista from another mista! Love and miss you!

    - Beaz

  9. You guys are the rockingest. I'm going to keep up the blogging... and I'm sure that when I get into a better mental/focused place, I'll be a good bloggy supporter too! Right now, I feel like a super hypocrite sometimes.

    Thanks for telling me what I need to hear! I'm not "fixed" yet, but I'm on my way.

  10. I want to encourage you to keep going. You are still quite young, you can do this. This is about your life and the quality of it. I do not have many regrets, but waiting until my fifties to finally get healthier is one. I will ask you he same question I asked Rochelle: if not now when? When will you put you first?.


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