Monday, July 30, 2012

SSSD Update!

Weigh in: 293 (-2)

Waist: 44"
Below Waist: 53"
Hips: 60"

I did much better with eating this week. Not so much with exercise with the twelve hour days. But the long days definitely kept me busy and not putting things in my face. And I've been making an effort to make better choices. Salads for lunch. No cream based dressings, lemon herb and oil and vinegar. No pad thai for dinner. No pizza. No spending. Well a little. I went to subway twice. But the rest of it I cooked at home. And I don't feel like I was being very cautious at all...   burgers, spaghetti, a lot more veggies.

We had a house party on Friday. Cheetos, oreos, freezer pizzas, booze, mixers and tortilla chips. I had some diet soda and a little of each. Still seeing the lower scale number. I think it has to do with better sleep patterns and a concerted effort to stay hydrated.

Anyway... I'm trying to cancel my gym membership. The three months that Wendy paid for are nearly up and I know that I need a little squishy room in the timeframe to be able to quit.

Be forwarned. Quitting a gym is like passing a bill through congress. Remember the paperwork that they gave you on the first day and said "oh don't worry, it's all online..." It's not. You signed away your first born. If you haven't had it yet, then you are indebted to the gym and you must pay $30 a month until that child is born.

I picked a non-contract membership. I paid with my debit card. But I'm still stuck in the spiral of pay $15 to get a copy of your contract. You are cancelling too late (9 days instead of 10 days notice), you will still be charged $30 for the month of august. Yearly dues are due in August. You will also owe us $39.95. Your cancellation must include A, B, & C (stated in the contract they will MAIL you - thus elongating the process) and it must be submitted in the mail also. No faxes will be accepted. No digital copies emailed.

They have my debit card on file. So they can go ahead and charge those things. So methinks I'm going to have to call my bank and do a stop payment or report a lost/stolen card to prevent those charges from happening. I was thinking of switching banks anyway. Isn't now a good time? Especially since I just signed a lease, was fronted $1000 to help pay for the deposit costs and now am paying that back while only working part-time. Things are tight. Bally's can suck it. Plus there's not a gym close to the new apartment. But there IS one within 25 miles of my location, so I can't cancel based on location changes either. 25 miles in NY land is like... 3 hours away.

Another reason to work out at home. Another reason to stick to body weight and couch to 5k. I will never sign up with a gym again. Ever. I will build my own home gym and stuff before even THINKING about signing another contract with ANYONE. Unless of course, I'm wealthy enough to have a monthly cheese budget and am able to whimsically buy sparkly things I see in windows without having to worry about rent, utilities or debt.

Lesson: Never get a gym pass, especially not with Bally Total Fitness.
Also, eat more salads. You'll poop off weight.

Big Fat FURIOUS Love,


  1. Wow, I didn't realize leaving a gym could be so complicated. That is super annoying.

    Good luck with everything!

  2. Bally is notorious for making cancellation complicated. Much like AOL or Facebook. ;)

  3. Yes good luck! It sounds like you are getting your ducks in a row and your mojo back!

  4. I have always been fearful of the gym contract nonsense. I tend to turn be-och in a heartbeat and I know I would with that kind of drama. Maybe that is the kind of thing you get a prepaid card for? I don't know anything about those cards but at least if you didn't add money to it they couldn't take it.

  5. If there's a 24Hour Fitness near you, their contracts are much easier to get out of! You do have to cancel a month in advance but otherwise all you have to do is go in and tell them to cancel it. They also let you put it on hold if you need.

  6. Um..not to scare you or piss you off more, but Bally's is dead here in Texas. Like selling out, packing up and turning off the electricity. They're also being sued over misleading membership contracts. So yeah - march over there and cancel ASAP, in person, with all paperwork in hand. Demand certified letters from their end. Bring a lawyer friend. Keep records of who you talk to and when. And cancel the card just in case.

  7. I found your blog today while reading Julie's update post on the virtual Take your pants for a 5k challenge.
    I really like the way that you have done your blog with the pages on top. You look so organized and I like your dedication. You are doing an awesome job on your goals, both short term and long term.
    Keep up the good work and good luck on the goals to come.

  8. Congrats on the loss! Good luck with getting that membership cancelled - what a major hassle!

  9. It sounds as if you are getting things under control again. If anyone can put Bally in its place, it's you. March right in there and do it!

  10. Nice job with the loss this week. As for the gym contract - I know what a bitch that can be. I had major issues when I tried to cancel with Crunch in NYC. Finally a few threats and nasty letters got the job done. Best of luck!


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