Thursday, September 8, 2011

Another Few Bite The Dust!

Weigh in: 342.5 (-3.5 lbs!)

It's surprising and I'm not sure I can believe the scale at this point. I've been using the myfitnesspal to track my exercise and food consumption. I like the feature it has. When you finish entering your food and exercise today you can click on "complete this entry" and see what kind of weight you'd lose in 5 weeks with the same kind of food and activity. It's kinda cool and keeps me thinking about "well what would fitness pal say?"

I borrowed an idea from Jillian's blog. I put up post its on my "Narnia" door (It leads into the used book store connected to my studio). Each post it represents a pound. I hid prizes underneath each 20lb mark (permission to myself to buy a new art supply, or haircut, or facial). Today I was so excited to remove three.

It looks like the hard times are going to happen on the weekends. Those damned unstructured weekends. I'm trying to prevent the social eating by having a menu and taking time to cook the things I really love like eggs and whole wheat toast or balsamic chicken. I'm also looking at some of my refrigerated veggies on the verge of dying... so out of want to not waste, there will be salad. What was I thinking buying a Costco bag of romaine? Saturday is the Farmer's Market. What a perfect time to be social around food! I can go with someone and encourage them to get produce too! :)

Tomorrow is day 4 of 7 of not eating out, but cooking/packaging things I want to eat at home and bringing them with me to work and school. I'm so happy to see that my bank balance has hardly moved at all this week. It's helping me afford those special treats under the 20 lb post its.

Sunday is the beginning of the Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge (CDCC). I'm hoping SO hoping to be able to wear a size 24 or smaller by then. I haven't been able to notice a change in my clothing yet, even since my heaviest (368). I'm not sure if I'm losing it in areas that aren't as noticeable. And when things like, my pants slipping down happen, I readily excuse it as the denim having stretched since it's the second time I've worn them since washing. I look forward to it being undeniable that I'm wearing a different size, but I guess it will take more than 25.5 lbs to start seeing that.

Part of me wants to see my parents (who haven't seen me since June) and see if they notice. Particularly since they're very prone to mentioning my weight... maybe they'd be the ones with the keen eye.

This Weekend's Goals
- Don't eat out. Not even ONCE.
- Keep Hydrated (100 oz at least a day).
- Get one work out done in the gym.
- Take one late night fun walk.

Big Fat Love,

PS. The two dresses I'm choosing between. The bodice on the taupe one is so beautifully beaded and draped. But I love the girlish 60's structure *(and the price) of the pink one. Frankly, I could use both for performing.


  1. I love that pink one. I also think those are great goals for the weekend! Nice loss this week :)

  2. once i get back to the scale next month I'm totally doing the post-it thing :0) I love the pink dress!!

  3. Oh I love the long one. That is the most pretty dress I've seen in a long time. Love it!!
    Good luck with Mir's challenge. We'll do it together and one day be exactly where we want to be.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  4. That pink one it's super cute.

  5. I love the silver dress! I can see you singing away in it!!
    Glad you "made the cut" into the challenge. I need to get my self put together and get my post actually posted and off my desktop!!

  6. Love the pink dress, it's so fun and looks like it would take to accessories (different belt, cardigan, etc.) really well! Other people thought I looked a bit smaller before I did myself, so I think it's partly that we see ourselves constantly and that we're our own biggest critic. You're doing fantastic!

  7. I don't see a CDCC initial post. I hope all is well with you.

  8. Keep on blogging, keep on making yourself accountable to YOU, keep refocusing when you lose focus, keep seeking support from your fellow bloggers. It's not an easy task but it can be done. I hope to see you keep at it. :)


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