Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Salt...

Dear salt...

I know I need you. Just a little. But I'm tired of our relationship. It is stupid that I keep craving contact with you. You obviously don't love me or you wouldn't treat me like this. But I still care about you. So keep in touch. Please don't be offended if I screen your calls. We just see too much of each other.

Love, Nanette


  1. Did you drop out of the challenge? I didn't see the update or linky. If I spazzed somehow and missed it, please comment on the challenge blog to let me know. If you are out, then please comment to that effect, so I can update the blogroll. THANKS.

    Mir/Princess Dieter

  2. Salt is such a downer (well really upper on the scale) but we do need it, just in moderation. You can do this, I know you can. I love your photo's, a great way to start. I wish I had done it, I missed them and how far I cam. I did save my shorts and a shrit from when I started and when I need to be reminded I put them one just to show me it is work, I am working.
    Take care and Good luck. I know you missed linking but I found your comment so am still following to see how your doing. Next week my friend. Blessings!!


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