Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rake's Progress...

Weighed in again this morning. Fortunate for me I did not gain or lose anything. I'm sitting happy at 346 (pre peeing).

Weekends are the hardest for me. I'm home. I don't have the structure of school. I DO have the convenience of a refrigerator and the free time for eating out with friends. This weekend was another example of bad eating. I went on a field trip with my voice pedagogy class and we all went out to dinner afterward. Snacks at a friends house. Breakfast at the diner. A BBQ. Lunch with a friend. Grilling with a different friend.

If it's not obvious already, FOOD is SOCIAL for me. I find myself standing before a fridge when I want to interact with people. I eat when I'm lonely. I eat when I'm bored. I eat whenever I wish I had a distraction because that's what socializing is to me as well. So I'm trying to break that. I'm trying to spend time with people that doesn't revolve around FOOD.

My body has recuperated from last week. I made it to swim class and dance class today. I'm hoping that when I weigh in again on Thursday I can see a smaller number. I'm also hoping that after Thursday's dance class, I'll still be able to move because I have a fitness date with my dear friend Trent Friday morning.

I've done well on the goals today...
Water: 150oz.
Food: mainly veggies, no added sugars, enriched white flour, corn syrups or caffeine.
Meals made at home: 3.5 (snacks).
Weight lost: 0 lbs.

Big Fat Love,


  1. Congrats on making healthy movement this week! You're drinking your fluids. Avoiding the crap stuff. Lovely.

    Tell yourself--you will make loss. You will make loss. Believe it. And you will do it. At your size, cutting down calories means you WILL lose, it's inevitable. I wish you well. Welcome to the CDCC challenge. Let's make our goals..together. Sisterhood IS powerful..

  2. Great job--here are a few things that I've found that work for me...I'm ALL about being social with food and friends. However, right now, I know that I can't eat out all the time. Cooking at home SUCKS, but even if you make "good" choices in a restaurant, it's impossible to know what the real calorie count is (did they weigh the ingredients? Measure the oil?). If I go out with friends, I try to either eat before I go and just have something small at the restaurant (or sometimes just have a drink). It makes me feel like a party pooper, but you know what else makes me feel like a party pooper? Being fat. So, I consider it an even exchange.


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