Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Tuesday Weigh In

Hurrah! Monday was a fluke! It was only to get me working harder! I weighed in at an even 340! Down 3lbs!

I'm taking my dear cousin Amber's advice and watching my carbs instead of my sugars and I'm feeling much less ornery about food. I'm super amazed at the amount of protein in cottage cheese and it's a favorite food of mine right now - in moderation. I'm learning that I can eat what I want... in moderation. Though I'm still not going to waste precious eating calories on things with corn syrup , cough*SODA*cough.

Peppermint extract
Soda... that's been a journey already. I've found multiple items to replace soda in my life.
- Adding herb extracts (not the cooking variety) to water: Peppermint water
- Stevia sweetened sodas: Blue Sky
- Tea: Honest Tea

The exercise is getting easier. I can walk after dance class. I'm not worn out after swimming. The Monday cardio day leaves me feeling wobbly and limber. Friday's weights still leave me sore until Monday. But I don't consider skipping the work outs. It's not even a possibility. I know that it will definitely be more difficult as the weather gets worse. I'm trying to load up on the motivation now to get me through that.

Taking off three post its when I get home. Once I lose the 340 lb... I get to reward myself with a haircut or new headphones. I don't know which yet.

Water: 100 oz
Work outs: 3/6 for the week.
Veggies: 1/2 servings.

Big Fat Love,


  1. I haven't thought about adding extracts to water... I'll have to give that a try sometime:-) Great job on the loss!

  2. I also think watching carbs is a good idea for, well, folks with weight issues. :)

    I enjoy Zevia. I don't have soda often but once in a while, I want a cold one. I like the caffeine free cola, the cherry, and the grape. They don't add weird colors (the grape is clear, for instance), and no sugar or aspartame, etc. Pricey, but I don't drink it often.

    I'm a coffee and iced tea gal...and water, sure. :D And for a treat when teh calories allow: coconut milk diluted a bit and with a couple drops of sucralose. It's like..dessert.

    Happy fourth day of challenge to us all!

  3. Hmmm...peppermint water. THAT sounds amazing, and I'll just have to try it.

    Keep Going!


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