Friday, September 30, 2011


Weigh in: 336 (-1).
Water: over 100 oz a day.
Food: ugh. bad. bad. bad. need more produce.
Exercise: 5 hours cardio 1 hr strength training and a bajillion hours walking to and from campus, work and home.
Book: STILL hasn't arrived. But my new cook book did! The Skinny Bitch Ultimate Every Day Cookbook.

I'm very impressed as I have eaten a bunch of garbage this week. I'm still battling period symptoms like I've never experienced. I'm retaining water like a camel. I finished my workout this morning and my fingers had swollen so much I couldn't get my rings off.

So in order to get a game plan together for a more successful week, I'm making a menu this week. Then going shopping tomorrow for JUST THE THINGS I NEED. There's an excess of random ingredients floating around my kitchen just going to waste right now.

- Cook at least once a day (and DO THE FREAKING DISHES).
- Do a vegan day.
- Go to bed by 12:00am every night.
- Stay on top of my piles and piles of homework.
- Get 7 hrs of gym time in.

Big Fat Love, Nanette


  1. PMS, well I think that's what got me and my mouth into trouble today. I'm usually pretty quiet, supportive and like a duck just let things roll off my back but today give me a bone and I wanted the cow. Oh well this too shall pass.
    Good for a menu and more veggies. You can do this. A pound loss is still a pound gone so keep up the great work.
    Take care and God bless!!

  2. Great goals, and you are consistently kicking butt at exercise! Sleep is supposed to help a lot, I'm going to try hard to get in enough this week too. Have a great week. :)

  3. Great loss! I hope the PMS dies down soon, good for you getting in all the exercise you did!

  4. I feel you on the PMS. I practically devoured an entire bag of cereal.Your water is awesome. I have just upped my water and it makes a huge difference. WTG on the 7hrs of gym time. I have upped my cardio from 30min to 40minutes. Keep it up. You are doing great!

  5. Good goals I as well need to stay on top of the piles of homework, the cooking however I love to do :) Good loss though every lb counts.

  6. Can you come do my dishes too please? Great job this week!

  7. The goals are good, I like them but they bring up some questions. 7 hours at the gym is 1 hour a day or 3 times a week for 2+ hours or what? Be more concrete about it, you will be more likely to succeed. I could totally be missing the boat and you may have a concrete plan, but just didn't spell it out here in which case - my comment is to be ignored. :)

    As far as the 'vegan day', that is a great idea. I just finished a 10 day run of eating nothing but fruits-veggies-nuts-tea. I feel great. Would it be better to frame your goal to spread across the entire week? Maybe your 1 vegan day actually becomes 'I will eat a chef salad Monday-Wednesday-Friday this week'. Or 'I will drink 1 green smoothie for breakfast every day'. If you're going to use fruits-veggies as a cleanse or jump start to this process, 1 day isn't really enough. If it's just a mini challenge to get your mind right, then I totally get it and it's worth it. What is your goal and what tangible tasks can be accomplished to meet the said goal?

    32 pounds down is wonderful! Congratulations. How long has it been since you started? It's just that at that weight (I've been there, my highest in memory was 333 pounds), losing 1 pound a week is slow. If you already have walking as exercise built into your day being on campus with school - use that to you advantage. That's part of the battle, focus on cleaning up your diet. I know you can do this. I will have to cruise through and find your first post for the dress challenge to see what your goals are by December. Maybe you're on target and I should shut up.

    I just believe in you and want you to as well. You're going to be thrilled to be out of the 300's and never ever go back. :) Have a great week. *My email address is on my blog... hint, hint.

  8. Menu planning is a great thing! I have always menu planned for my family because it saves us time, money, and the kids always asking what's for dinner. I hope you can get some good dinner ideas down that you really enjoy!


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