Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Serious Case...

Let's just make this clear. I'm not the girl who cries and has mood swings as part of my PMS. I'm the girl who wants to eat the entire planet. I have been ravenous both today and yesterday. I'm doing what I can to keep in check. I'm staying under my caloric limit, but I've definitely gone over the recommended fat intake. It's the salt that I must RUN from.

However, since I'm trying not to eat the world, I have turned into a hungry BEAR. I've been so ornery and tired. I have socially isolated myself in efforts to not hurt other's feelings and to prevent my own SEVERE annoyance. I'm so confused. Normally I don't have PMS. Normally I handle it well. This is the first instance of hungry bear since I started losing weight in July. Thank the up aboves for birth control. At least I know when to avoid people. 

I weighed in again before swim yesterday. I'm down to 336. Down one more pound. I'm expecting gain Friday for my CDCC weigh in. I would SO love to be wrong.

Until then... I will not be a bitch. I will not be a bitch. I will not be a bitch...

Big Fat Hungry Bear Love,


  1. You are for SURE not alone in that category. I often want to eat the world as well, but unlike you, I'm not currently on birth control. I always forget when my period is coming, and so there will be days, DAYS of me fighting cravings with no real knowledge as to why I'm having such a hard time. Good job saying no!

  2. Oh no. You can be a bitch. You just can't slap random strangers, yell at family members or tell your boss to shove it!

    Hope it eases up for you soon. I usually just go hide out when I get like this, or take it out on some awful, physical chore, like clearing out the garage or cutting down dead trees with a chainsaw. A really big chainsaw.

  3. I hate that ravenous feeling! At times, I'm able to quench it by drinking diet soda or ice cold water. But there are times that I can't resist so I try to make the best choices. Get one of your favorite fruits and have a serving or two. For me that would be cherries! OMG! I can eat a bushel of cherries! It's better than a bag of chips! ;)

  4. LOL It's ok to be a are taking the right steps by avoiding people! Way to go on the loss! I hope you got another loss on the check in too! I am just catching up on your blog!


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