Thursday, September 22, 2011


*BEWARE: following blog may contain whining*

My body hurts. My WHOLE body hurts.

50 minute swim class - Make body into and "L" shape. Like you're sitting in the water. Use just your arms swim 6 laps. Use just your legs. 6 laps. Curve your shoulders closer to your hips keep your legs parallel with the bottom of the pool. It was like 50 minutes of intense toilet bowl sitting while kicking your legs.

15 minute trek up the university campus hill for dance class. Includes 5 sets of 10 stairs.

40 minute dance class. Yoga. stretching. Plies, releves, tendus, degages, piques. AKA leg, ankle, foot HELL. 

75 minute Feldenkrais Method (ATM) session. Laying on the floor. Pelvic thrusting with periodic stops. Retraining your muscles to align properly and reawakening nerves and awareness...  kinda fru-fru. But harder than you'd think... undoing all the bad ways you move your body. The Spine hip relationship specifically in our class. (seriously... lay on your back. feet flat, knees pointing up, right elbow pointing toward the ceiling, fingers under shoulder. Left hand pushing elbow back gently. Try and lift the right hip (just the right hip) and press with the right hand at the same time, try it fast, try it slow, try it high and lower. concentrate on the sensations).

And tomorrow morning is an hour in the gym. AN HOUR. ON THE BIKES. with this body that's already stiffening. Guess it's time to eat some potassium (bananas, plums, prunes, raw potato), drink extra water and take an ibuprofen or two.

Big Fat Tired Love,


  1. Wow, ouch. I am sore too, but not quite the intensity you have taken on! Keep it up. In this case, a hurting body=a shrinking body.

  2. Geez just reading this makes me sore all over! You have got some HUGE determination and that is a wonderful thing! Way to go!!


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