Monday, September 26, 2011

A Big Thanks!

You guys have been super awesome! It's great to have a supportive network and team that wants to see numbers and hear about improvement. Sometimes it's not what people want to hear about in the day to day as it might come off self-righteous or condescending. It's good to have a place where I can just say all those things that I obsess about as far as body is concerned. I'm feeling really good about the weight loss itself. But it's great to be able to see it in photos and in my life. I'm so glad that Amber helped me find this challenge. Thank you for helping me this far, everyone!

Exercising is getting easier. I spend less time sore. I spend more time motivated and energetic. This week I'm adding another work out and adding 10 minutes to the Mon. Fri. cardio.

Eating healthy is getting easier. I have less crappy food in my apartment. I eat less because I'm more full when I eat the lettuces, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and other fresh veggies. It's easier to cut out garbage when I can pre-cook things and get ready for the week. Planning has been essential in making positive food choices. When I make a bad food decision, intentionally or not, they are one decision. I can work out. I can make a better choice next time instead of giving up.

Seems ridiculous that it's taken me 24 years to realize that it's not about being hard or hungry or working out until you cry. It's about consistency. I'm hoping that consistency will allow me to kick up my metabolism so when bad food decisions are made, they don't hit as hard.

I'm feeling good.
Big Fat Love,


  1. Consistency. I emphasize that in this challenge and overall. I never was one of the "Big Losers" weekly when I did the DDDY, but I ended up finishing better than some that started with big losses and then dropped out. Why? I just had my small losses every week add up, add up , add up. And I'm still here, 15 months after really gearing up my weight loss journey and mindset, still working on it, still trying to keep the consistency. 15 months of most weeks with losses. Very few weeks of regain. Some weeks of maintaining. It adds up.

    Crash dieting for a few weeks, regaining. Dieting for a few weeks, regaining. That's going nowhere. Half a pound a week for year, a pound a week, etc, for two years, for three years, ...that's consistency...and it gets you to goal without malnutrition or freaky food reactions. Normalizing one's relationship to food and with REALITY--that the only way to keep it off once you get it off is to have inculcated sane habits--that's the way to go.

    Just hang in. Never quit.

  2. 24? It took me 29 and I am just barely figuring it out. You'll be young and thin still by the time this journey completes its course... don't worry about it. Just live!

  3. You are doing awesome,it's an ever learning process so as long as you keep at it and you don't give up you will make those goals!

  4. You're all doing great - especially because you're doing it NOW. Trust me, it's so much more difficult fighting this battle on the upside of fifty!


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