Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today's Mantra

I love these photos. I love that I will feel thinner and healthier soon. I will love these photos for showing me my progress. I will... I will...  


  1. They say starting a new healthier way of eating in order to lose weight is the hardest part but in actuality it's staying the course that's hard. It's maintaining the weight loss after you reach goal that's the hardest. It's so much easier to go back to your old habits than to stick with your new ones. But through it all, the one thing that I have heard from everyone I know who has lost weight successfully or is losing weight is they couldn't have done it without support. Support from those who have been where we am but not necessarily weight-wise. I mean those who have had to deal with emotional and stress eating, those who have had health issues suddenly pop up, those who hate exercising and, most importantly for me, those who have been HONEST about what they do or don't do, admitting when they've messed up and working on a solution to prevent it in the future, and what they did to get back on track. That's what's helped me through the past few months.

    We can do this together! I know you can do it! I know I can do it! So let's do it together! If you'd need the extra motivation or just need to talk or vent, you can email me ... click the email link on my profile. :)

  2. I wish I wouldve taken some good before pics. You will be glad you did!!! Stay on track!! Keep fighting the fight!

  3. Pictures and me don't get a long and I as wishing I took one to start with but I came across one that was not long after I started so at least I have 1... LOL. I'm sure there are a few others I've hidden away.

  4. I figure I wanted to see me from every angle... so even if the change is small, I'll be able to notice it.


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