Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm out of the old apartment. I have wonderful friends that helped me out with that. We got the entire place scrubbed down and my life now fits in two suitcases and a laundry basket. I'm spending the next 4 days downsizing the suitcases and laundry basket so they each weigh about 50lbs. 

I weigh more than all of my possessions. Weird. 

For now, I'm staying with Jessica, a friend, and her husband, two kids and a cat. They have been so kind to open up their home to me. Since I'm not working mornings. I'm trying to do something sneaky and nice for them every day. Today I took out all the garbages and did the dishes. Tomorrow I want to make them a healthy dinner/lunch. Do you guys have any suggestions for something cheap, quick and kid friendly?

My weight has been all over the chart...   In 24 hours I went from 312 to 302. Stress, water and no sleep... that's how it manifests itself. 

I'm weighing in again at 304. So not a terrible amount of damage. My weight and fitness goals are out the window at this point. I know we're going into the last week here... But without a home that is my own and a GIANT transition happening... I've gotta say that weight loss is taking a bit of a backseat... if only for the week. 

Last night I was approached by my reporter friend to do a segment about beginning weight loss for the local tv station here. I told him I would love to talk about it. I guess the story was brought up because this obese gentleman wanted to start losing weight (segment A of the story) and so they're looking for people who have done it, started, or changed their lifestyles (segment B). This includes working out ON CAMERA. Uh... as if the gym weren't intimidating enough... let's break a jiggly sweat on camera. May as well. There's no shame in fitness, no matter what your weight. That films Wednesday. I'm excited because A) I love attention and B) Fitness is something I'm so passionate about. Not thinness. FITNESS. This isn't about weight loss as much as it's about health and health just happens to include weight loss. (she says, preaching to the choir). 

Big Fat Transition Love, 
Nanette Nielson


  1. If they have a grill, how about skewers? Cut up eggplant, zucchini, onion into chunks and thread them on to skewers with cherry tomatoes, white mushrooms, etc. Then do separate skewers of chicken cut into chunks just seasoned with a little s&p, garlic powder, or whatever. Grill and serve over salad!

    The TV thing sounds awesome; go for it!

  2. The life in a suitcase is a weird feeling - but congrats.
    And that's so cool that you'll be in the TV spot.

  3. I'm sure you will do wonderful in the interview! Good luck with everything :)

  4. Hey what channel is that? I don't really watch the TV of late. TV commercials are devils in Satan's kitchen (LOL) but seriously...them commercials really mock me!!! I dunno about weight loss versus health...I am sure there is a great analogy or story to twist that into. "I really do want to look better naked" like Kevin Spacey said in the movie "American Beauty". As long as you are not pill popping, puking, injecting crap, starving, and I guess there are many extreme all ends up healthy with weight loss. Oh yea the vinegar and cayenne pepper another I just remembered.

    Always great to read your happy posts! Hang in there!

  5. I love your mentality about everything, both the fitness and your home transition. I know what it's like to live out of a car or a suitcase. Good luck and have fun with the film crew! LOL


  6. You are making this major life change of yours so interesting for your readers. I cannot fathom all you are going through. You are one strong and determined woman!

  7. Wow!! Two suitcases and a laundry basket. That's some majorly impressive compaction.

    Aren't friends grand? First a place to live and now a TV interview!! Super cool!

    Quick kid friendly dinners: Chicken tacos or nachos. Make their own pizzas (let the kids help) use pitas for the crusts, top with sauce, veggies and cheese. Meatball sandwiches. Pancakes for Dinner!!

  8. Such an exciting phase of life. I am totally a bit envious. Such freshness and open vistas. I'm so happy for you! Having your life fit into 2 suitcases sounds really, really liberated. You can go anywhere, do anything, and you're not hampered. Trust me: Possessions become a ball and chain. One of my goals for the next two to three years is to simply, rid myself of most possessions (and I'm a hoarder, so this is a psychological trauma/hurdle), and free myself so that I don't feel chained down by what I owe. I even don't want to own a home anymore. we plan to sell and rent from then order to be "freer"...

    It's odd that we spend so much of our lives amassing stuff, so that by my age, 52, there's a whole lotta stuff that, while very comforting and notalgic or even luxurious, it's a trap in a way. It really is.

    So, to me, you look free and poised to super-duper-duper-wildly-amazingly Nanette.

    Now, I hope you can focus a bit more, too, on liberating yourself from bulk. It will feel even fresher and freer and let you move better. So proud that you will consider doing this TV thing. Who knows how many folks you can help. Lady, you're a delight!

  9. I am very proud of you Nanette. The TV show, the moving, the doing what your heart desires, your weight loss and getting healthy and so many other things I just adore about you. Good luck with your interview, with all the goodness that's coming your way. Take care Nanette. Blessings!

  10. I'm late but wanted to wish you well in this last week of the challenge. I just read this post and because I haven't read others, I don't fully understand your situation. I hope everything works out perfectly for you. :)

  11. Hahahah! What a crazy way to, in a sense, say goodbye to everyone--do a fitness segment for the local news! I love the poetry of it. It's a testament of how far you've come and a final bit of inspiration you're leaving behind for those who want to change their lives as well.

    Re: Family/kids food: Why not tacos? Fry some ground turkey and have a bunch of toppings. I think kids like to create their own food (tacos, pizza, etc).

  12. You're so close to your big move! Well done for getting it all done. Getting in exercise is challenging enough without having to think about it while living in someone else's house. You're so thoughtful to do things to help around the house. I'm sure they appreciate it a lot.

    A simple dish that I like is just chicken breast covered in 1 tablespoon of dijon mustard and then covered with mixed herbs and a sprinkle of parmesan. It takes about 30 minutes to bake in the oven.

    I think it's awesome that you're doing the TV program. You're going to inspire so many people!! :)

  13. I find that kids like things on sticks. Maybe some grilled chicken and add pineapple and other fruit. That TV thing sounds like a great motivator. Hope you o it.

  14. Such exciting times for you! Hope it all works out well and you can make it through without too much negative gains and all positive ones:-)


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