Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baby's First Trail Run...

Okay... I exaggerate. I walked most of it. Trainer... who is under strict guidelines to not get her heart rate above 140 bc of the baby, asked if I'd like to go on a trail run/walk today. "It's only 1.5 miles up to bridge 12. Then we can turn around and come back."

Tell you what.

Walking up a mountain is significantly different from walking on the street. It makes me think of Maren and all the mountains she climbs. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be and I spent half the trail thinking, "How am I such a sissy?! I interval run. I do bodyrock and Insanity. WHY is this hard?"

Well, Nanette... it's a full hour and a half of constant movement. There are no push as hard as you can and then rest for 20 seconds. It is push as hard as you can and then keep walking. On some of the more flat parts I jogged a little to get a feel for it... I also jogged on some of the way down when it wasn't super rocky. I think I can definitely get into this.

Being Dramatic. 
My muscles weren't what protested. It was my ankles and knees that were aching from the uneven ground. Adapt or die!!! I'm going up there again on Thursday. I'll see if I can be less of a whiner this time and maybe even take some pictures.

The plan for the work outs this week has not started off well. Yesterday I stayed at home with the worst case of the cramps I've ever had and slept through most of it... in addition to going to the hot pools later that night to try and get my body to relax. So...   adaptation.

Monday - Off
Tuesday - Trail walk/jog.
Wednesday - interval run.
Thursday - Trail walk/jog.
Friday - Interval run.
Saturday - Stretch like whoa.
Sunday - Interval Run.

Then hell week.

I'm off to get a drug test for the new, short term job today and to put a long day in at the Music Dept filing the string music. Happy Tuesday, guys!

Big Fat Mountain Woman Love,


  1. Trail runs are my new favourite..I absolutely hate the road now! It is harder on uneven ground and hills, but you will notice your endurance grow so quickly. Keep at it.

  2. It's great that, even though it was tough, you're going back to do it again!! Good job. I prefer trail runs over just boring roads : )

  3. I wish we had some hiking trails near me.

  4. I can definitely tell that although hard you kind of enjoyed it... and that is awesome! I personally like trails because the pounding in the legs is not as bad as running on pavement. Keep up the great job!

  5. Walking outdoors on any terrain is so much more challenging than the treadmill. Sounds like a challenge but you pushed through and did it! Awesome :)


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