Friday, May 18, 2012

In which she breaks it down...

I am not sleeping enough, between 4-5 hours a night.
I may have had fries twice this week.

Yesterday I saw my lowest weight, 301 and my highest weight of the week 309. I don't know how that's possible. I doubt the validity of my scale.

I have gone on one 1hr hike.

I have walked about 12 miles getting to and from the new job. That'll be 15 today.

I have done ONE interval run.

My hydration is great on somedays, but I have to be careful... we get scheduled bathroom breaks and I can't be leaving training constantly... AKA on the hour like I'd need to if I were consuming 140oz all the time.

14 days until I fly, pardon my french... but merde is getting REAL.

So much to do in the house before the 28th. I need to get my entire deposit back... so I need to be doing little things throughout the week.

like the dishes, emptying garbages, taking bags of stuff to goodwill, borrowing a vaccum and starting to attack the hard water crusts on bathroom and kitchen faucets. Any tips for that out there?

In addition, everyone wants to say their good-byes. But only 3 people showed up to my going away party. I don't have time to spend with everyone since I'm working 8am - noon and from 2:30pm to midnight. Want monsters... want time, want attention, want priority when I'm very clearly out of those spots in my life and then I feel guilty that I can't indulge everyone (and myself) and play as often as I'd like.

I'm stressed out. When this happens, weight is on the bottom of my list of things to do.

Wendy, I hope you're reading this. I'm not ignoring your calls. I just work a metric shit ton. (60 hours a week if anyone is counting, not including commute time/walking).

Here's my activity in positivity...
I choose to see this stress as positive because...
- I am making money.
- I am buying myself time to get a job in NY by having a good savings.
- I am reducing my stress for NY, where things will be more stressful than here.
- I am prepping for a continued healthy lifestyle, by taking a momentary hit in that same area.
- I am getting a lot of walking in, which is better than nothing as far as fitness goes.
- I am going to be out of Idaho soon and LIVING THE DREAM!! (the poor starving artist dream)!

Big Fat Update Love,


  1. You rock! Props for taking care of you when your friends want you to think of them. Want monsters - I've never heard that term - I like it! It fits!
    It's looking like you may achieve your goal of being under 300 when you come east!!

  2. Replies
    1. Arriving June 2nd to JFK. The sublet is in Brooklyn, near Prospect Park.

  3. You know this period of chaos has a definite end just try to power through and get to that with your wits mostly still intact! New beginning just ahead...

  4. I sure hope your dream will turn out to the best. Sounds like you've prepared all you can and all there is left to do, is go. Thinking of you and hoping you can close up 'shop' successfully!

  5. I think you are so amazing for following your dream and just going for it all in. I love that. You are the best!

  6. Only 2 more weeks! That's so exciting! Just remember you'll be able to draw breath again when you're sitting on that plane (this too shall pass!). And if you can't fit time in to see everyone, you should suggest they come on your walk to work... heh. Good luck the next 2 weeks! :D

  7. I like that suggestion, invite your friends to walk with you to and from work. You are doing wonderfully Nanette and you will make under your 300 before you head to your dream. I hope you get to see Allan while you're out there.
    Take care, take good care of yourself, get a bit more sleep if possible and have a blessed weekend!

  8. And you deserve the dream. Here's sending you on your way with positive experiences. And a fab job!

  9. Change is so exciting and stressful all at the same time. You are doing great! Keep focused. You will make it. :)

  10. Hey! No worries! I knew you were busy (and getting busier). I'm just glad to read that you're doing alright. You are an absolute force--between the walking, working so much, and still, pretty much, keep the weight loss endeavor on track. If we don't get a chance to chat for awhile, just know, I continue to respect you so much, am awe-inspired, and am here if you need anything. Here's to you being able to get more sleep. :)

  11. You have tons going on at the moment. Just focus on the important things that you need to do and worry about the rest later. I'm sure your friends will understand. Good luck getting it all done!


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