Friday, May 4, 2012

Sigh of Relief.

Got a sublet. I may even be able to share it with my friend that I'm moving out there with! So I could be living in Brooklyn for either $550 a month or $275 if I get to share the room... I grew up sharing rooms. I think I can do it again (for a short amount of time). Also, only a few blocks from Prospect Park... where I can run and work out. And only a few blocks from a local co-op and an old navy (so I can keep up, cheaply with my descending sizes).

I have an interview with a call center locally... and I found two more on-campus 10-12 hour a week jobs. So I have a week off to regroup and finish with a bang. I will be financially well off when I get to NY. ESPECIALLY if I get to share my room with Shasta. Even right now with my current savings I can pay all three months of the sublet up front in cash.

Also, I have a new work out buddy for the next couple of weeks. Trainer is preggers and usually winds up on bedrest. So we won't be working out together anymore, but I do want to see her. Today we're going to lunch.

I weighed in this morning I'm down to 304. I'm really excited for Sunday's weigh in... I feel like I can focus again. I haven't gone crazy off track. I've been keeping up with the exercise... not with my normal vigor, but still getting in the 3 runs a week and a couple HIIT sessions.

Here's my plan...

Next week: run + HIIT with New Buddy.
The week after: Walking to work (2 miles), Running back (2 miles) and a short set of work outs: pushups, plank, bicep curls, tricep dips.
The week after: Walking to work (2 miles), Running back (2 miles) and a short set of work outs: bridge, plank bum squeeze, competition sit ups, squats.

Eat cheaper. Let nothing go to waste. Log calories. Make the menus, FOLLOW THE MENUS.

YES! Back in the place where I can get on track!

Also, I traded some of my stuff for some clothing that is too small. So I'll get some pics of them fitting very poorly up so we can track progress! :)

Big Fat Sigh of Relief Love,


  1. You must be very relieved! Congrats on finding a place & more employment! Can't wait to hear about your NY adventures! :D

  2. The universe is loving you right now!!!

  3. Nanette, so happy for you! Love how everything is falling into place. Here is praying that it continues as such.

  4. Good luck with the housing situation! So glad it worked out:)

  5. Ahh, a sigh of relief is always good (right?). I am so happy for you, and I really hope everything pans out just like you want it to - because you deserve that my friend :)

  6. Happy everything worked out for you...Good luck in NY!

  7. I say you eat that big apple! It will be some healthy young food for ya! So exciting!

  8. Relief indeed. I'm so excited! So good to hear that you will have moolah when you hit the NY.

    And yay for feeling good about the weigh in - I love it when I feel that way.


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