Friday, May 11, 2012

Day Before the Massive Unloading

I've been bustling around my apartment today trying to put together all the stuff that needs to go to the yard sale tomorrow morning. Soon to be roomie is letting me move stuff to her place tonight and then take it out for selling bright and early tomorrow morning...

Note to self : Buy sunscreen and a gallon of water.

I also made it to costco today and I should have enough spinach, celery, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries and goat cheese to sustain me for a week. I'm trying to get the produce in again. WHY is that such a hard thing? I don't hate it. I just want something immediate and chock full of salt. SHEESH.

Weighing in this morning at 305...   which I'm bummed about. The period is over so I should be deflating from the water weight today and tomorrow. But my diet hasn't been fantastic this week. I'm thinking I'll be lucky to break even back at 302. However, I've set myself up for a good week this upcoming week. Which is good... I'm not going to have much time to grocery shop or make crazy decisions.

Tonight I'm going to marinate a bunch of chicken breasts, cook 'em up and bag them for the week. Instant easy protein. Just needs microwaving.

Note to self: Don't sell the microwave.

Tomorrow is the going away party. So I NEED to get an interval training in tonight. Gonna sit down and plan it after I've gotten this stuff moved.

Big Fat Clearing life Out Love,
Nanette Nielson


  1. Oh what a busy little bee you are.

  2. Yes, do not sell the microwave. :D
    So many things going on, good on you for getting that interval training in!

  3. I hope the yard sale goes well, Nanette. I hope you are able to get rid of unnecessary items and make some money at the same time. I know you are anticipating your move. I wish you the best of luck and a safe trip when you go.

  4. So I have a question for you......Was it hard to get "re started"? How did you encourage yourself to make it past the first week of the re star? Just wondering cause I am trying to do exactly that and really not doing so well////


    1. Honestly... I'm still not doing too well. I've been out to eat about 4 times this week and last night I had some alcohol at my going away party. I'm not too enthused about working out... I just know that when I'm eating this way SOMETHING has to balance it out.

      It's so hard to have created a habit and then be stuck in this month long state of flux with working and moving.

      But my motivation... is lacking. I've been very easily convinced to abandon decisions that I know are right.

  5. What a seriously exciting "doorway to new things" time of life. Here's to "deflating" and having a hella lot of fun along with the hard work with the changes. God bless, my dear. :*

  6. Busy times! It sounds like you are a woman on a mission and planning like a pro, stick to the plan as best you can and don't fret over the scale, it's a liar a good lot of the time, seriously :/
    Good luck for this week girl, sending lots of good vibes your way :) <3

  7. So I actually have been finding that despite weighing in a pound or two heavier than expected on Mondays, but Tuesday I'm back down to my "real" weight loss for the week. Don't despair!

  8. I'm behind in catching up with your blog posts - sorry :( Hope everything is working out smoothly for you. Though I haven't been writing, you've been in my thoughts! Good luck!


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