Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Usually LIKE Roller Coasters...

Yesterday's GIANT MESS.

I called HR. I found out as a student/Temp employee, I have zero rights whatsoever. Idaho is a right to work state. I can be let go at any time (though I'm not being "fired" right now). With or without cause. The employer doesn't have to give any reasons if they don't wish.

That being said. I had a meeting with my boss. He was SUPER apologetic but the paperwork is already going through and we can't have two people in the same position for some reason. And the new guy is going to take the week break between summer semester and spring semester to train and then get on the ball.

Boss was really trying to come up with some hours for me. He talked to some neighboring departments that do web work, which I may or may not be able to take bc I'm not a student anymore. I talked to the music dept. They can keep me on longer. Then I applied to a call center and I'm just going to neglect to tell them I'm leaving in three weeks.

I'm toying with the idea of changing my flight and just leaving early, but I don't know how practical that would be.

This morning I woke up at the freaking crack of dawn because I'm so stressed out. I started running numbers and researching sublets and hoping they pick me out of the hundreds of applicants. And applying for jobs in a more thoughtful and desperate manner...   I sent out email after email...

And I got email after email BACK! I have two sublets for $600 a month that want me to live in them. And I found a life coach who wants a personal assistant and we've been having a REAL dialogue (none of that spam I'm so accustomed to getting from craigslist). It's so awesome! I'm feeling so hopeful...

I also got an email from a dear friend I haven't heard from in a while and she said that if I ever found myself in dire straights I could crash on her couch rent free for a bit. She also said she's willing to meet me at the airport and help me find my crashing destination. I'm so overwhelmed by her kindness and that things are finally going well (what it's been three days of stress?) that I could just cry. But I probably won't because I don't do that very often.

The roller coaster of this week has been so rocky...

I'm sorry if I'm letting you guys down on the fitness front. I've been to anxious to hardly eat anything during the day. I get home. I'm voracious. Last night I cooked up a big steak and ripped through it...   I know it's emotional eating because it was the texture and feeling like an animal that calmed me down.

I didn't work out yesterday. Trainer cancelled today... I've got a run on Wednesday for sure and a training session...    I hate to be THAT girl, but I'm taking a little mental break from the body focus to work on the future focus and making sure I have a life where I can integrate health and fitness and low enough stress that I can sleep and lose weight.



  1. Sorry about the job situation. I think most states are "right to work" states, and you can be let go for any non-discriminatory reason, or no reason at all. That's why most career advice is to give no more than the required notice, given that your employer can ask you to leave at any moment beyond your notification. You were trying to be nice and accomodate them, and they replaced you faster than expected, so sorry!

    1. Right?! Well... Callin' this a learning experience.

  2. Good luck with everything! It sounds like there's a lot on your plate so hopefully you have the energy to deal with it all.

    Changing flights can be expensive if they charge you for it so do your research before doing it. I've had huge headaches when it comes to booking flights!

  3. Sorry you've had such a rough couple of days. But it seems like now maybe you have some good opportunities arising!
    I always have to try and remember that there's a reason for everything, no matter how hard it may seem at the time.
    Good luck with everything!!

  4. It sounds like your crisis has turned the tables and you have all kinds of opportunities awaiting you:)

  5. You are welcome to come crash on my couch too. (but I don't think that would help!) :P It really sucks that you're being pushed out before you're ready to go. It does sound like you're being very proactive about your situation -- It's really the best thing you can do when life starts taking over. Good luck! :D

  6. You know I'm old and over the hill, right? But just reading this, I can feel some of your stress and excitement. :) I hope all falls into place and you end up with an awesome place to live and a great job! Don't you dare stop posting now,because I'm so praying for you and wishing you well!

  7. Sometimes you've just got to take care of what is stressing you out the most. That too is part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Good luck - I hope everything works out for you! :)


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