Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trying Again... & A Letter To Me

I went hiking again this morning. I skipped any notion of running. We went probably 2 miles. And we did it a LOT faster than the 3 mile hike yesterday. I think we shaved off 40 minutes. The middle section of the "gut" trail from yesterday is ROUGH. I didn't give up though. I am going to wait until Sunday to do another run to see if I can get through it.

Anyway... Gotta write this letter for the midweek challenge...

Dear Me of May 2014,

You started this fat begone thing in May of 2011. If you've stayed consistent, you'll be nearing 170lbs. I hope that you have found activities that you regularly enjoy. I hope that you've found healthy eating to be more second nature.

More than anything, remember that the loose skin you're toting around, you've earned it. Old-you gives you permission to have that surgically removed (if you're having doubts about that). You deserve to have that great body at least once in your life and your early 20's were not your hottest years. You are nearing 30.

If you are with someone, Great. Congratulations. If you're not with someone, I'm sure you feel lonely sometimes. That's okay. You have wonderful friends and family that care about you because you are freaking awesome. Don't give up hope, get desperate or be jaded, that's ugly. Think of all the people you have loved and love you back. (also, you're a sexy bitch).

Don't let your pride get the best of you. Or laziness. Remember that it's okay to apologize and every once in a while and it's okay to take a day off. By now you've probably mastered that patience thing I struggle with so much these days. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two when we meet.

This is you reminding you that the things you value most are honesty, pragmatism, kindness, work ethic and ambition. Please tell me you haven't given up on those values... because that would be lame. I hope that you have more to add to that list; things that you've been able to integrate into your life to make it a better place.

Remember those days that we lived in Idaho? Afternoon naps. Slow mornings. Working (if you call sitting at a desk working) 3 jobs. More than anything,  I hope you find success and happiness. You are completely capable of creating the life you want to have. And maybe, by now, you're ready to think about singing again. Don't let your experiences in Idaho with music drive you away forever. You liked it for a reason. :)

You have created a wonderful life. You have adapted and changed so much. If you have given up on your weight loss along the way. This is you telling you to get off your ass. The only solution is movement and better eating. Excuses aside. Just do it. And shame on you for giving up. This is my body too... and I really want to meet the fit person inside. So there.

Also... if you haven't started saving for retirement... get that shit together!

Big Fat Past Life Love,


  1. shit retirement :/ ! I hadn't thought of that ! Great letter, I like it a lot, it's positive.

  2. I love this letter. I wish I had done it in my younger years. I'm not showing a good result this week, so I probably need one of these...

  3. Love it! It sounds like my grandmother - hugging me and telling me it's alright, and at the same time giving me instructions. Very well put, Nanette.

  4. Awesome letter Nanette. And thumbs up with the hike!

  5. I love this idea!

    I really need to save for retirement too! For real!!!

    Eat Live Move

  6. This was a beautiful letter. I am looking forward to "meet" the future you in 2014. Anything you set your mind to, you can do.

    I think you are really beautiful in that photo!

  7. Awe that is wonderful! I would love to write a letter to myself, but am pretty sure I wouldn't have the guts to put it online. You are awesome and the future you will only be better!

  8. Nanette, this is a fantastic letter; heartfelt, funny and motivating. I cannot wait to see where you'll be in 2014!

    The Fitness Girl Kitchen


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