Thursday, May 3, 2012

What a week...

Well things have calmed down a bit. I'm going through an interview process for a call center here in town so I can get back on the employment wagon. MUST GET ON THE EMPLOYMENT WAGON!

Made a girl friend of mine go running with me this Sunday. We were going to run again yesterday but she bailed. I got the run in today... I think I'm on C25k week 4.

3 min run.
1.5 min walk
5 min run
2.5 min walk

It wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be. Funny... I say that every time.

I'm still working through selling all the stuff in my apartment. I've got a couple coming to look at the place today so my landlady can get an immediate tenant after me. I really like her... I want to help her out. :)

I've been pretty bad about eating out this week. Also bad about tracking calories... but I'm trying to get back in the habit. I am worried about my weight and stress levels when I get to NY. I can't give up. I simply can't. But I can't give it the same amount of time that I've been giving it. I need to find a more efficient way... and to keep educating myself so I can make better and quicker decisions.

Big Fat Checking In Love,


  1. Hey, usually I lurk but just want to say--don't forget about Kelly or one of the other temp agencies--that would be perfect for your situation. I did it once and I spent about an hour or so taking basic computing and typing competency tests and then I got a call in a couple of days offering me the first placement. With a national chain, it might even be something you could continue with in NYC (as needed).

    PS--hang in there with your weight loss efforts--it can be had to push through when life throws you a curve ball, but successful weight loss is about lifestyle changes and...this is life....


  2. You're keeping up your running!!! :) you can still do that in New York. Running is totally portable and possible anywhere!

  3. 5 mins of running. Omg that is great that you can do it.

  4. 5 mins of running. Omg that is great that you can do it.

  5. Nanette, sounds like you have a full plate but you can do this! And you are doing so good with your run! Awesome!


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