Sunday, May 6, 2012

RFSC + Life Update + Faith & Trust

Check In

Weight: 302 (-4lbs!) 

Waist: 46.5" (+.5")

Water: Better this week. 100oz everyday but yesterday. 

Workouts: 1 HIIT session (found out trainer is preggers on tuesday and unable to do it anymore) 
4 interval runs. 

Nutrition: I've been logging some stuff in MFP... Forcing myself to at least log in every day. This deserves no congratulations. But I've done okay, I mean... I'm losing weight. Just eating when I'm hungry. 

NSV: Losing weight despite not tracking calories! Graduation is official! Acquired 3 jobs. Secured my sublet. I will be a brooklynite in 4 weeks! 



NSV: Let go of some of the too big clothing. Pack up some of the going home for storage stuff. Take care of skin/massage cellulite places try to help circulation. 

Nutrition: Keep it under control. Eat more veggies every day. 

Water: 100 oz every day. 

Sunday: Leg HIIT
Monday: Interval Run + Arms HIIT. 
Tuesday: Core HIIT. 
Wednesday: Insanity. 
Thursday: Interval Run. Arms HIIT. 
Friday: off. 
Saturday: Interval Run. + Arms HIIT. 
Sunday: Mini HIIT with Wendy. 


Today, I got into size 22 pants! Zipped... too tight to be seen in public. But zipped! I traded some books and movies for some smaller clothing. I took photos today and I'll be posting them in a tab or something since there are so many of them. They are going to be my "start" clothing for a challenge I'm holding for myself or the next one Mir does. 

I have a going away party this weekend. There will be lots of food. I'm going to eat some of it. Truth. So I have to be really diligent this week with eating well if I want to see under 300 by next sunday. 

The Job Situation... 

I'm so excited to feel focused again. I got past the early termination, you can't stay with me for more than a week - so find a sublet, savings not big enough for the move in three weeks PANIC/STRESS. 

This week is my summer break. It is one week of freedom before school starts. It is one week to get rid of the stuff in my house. Box up anything that can just be put away. Put in a few hours with the music dept.

On the 14th, I'll be starting 3 jobs...
  • Monday - Friday: 3:15- midnight (I assume I have this job. I have my second interview monday. It's a high turnover call center and I'm smarter than a brick. I should get in). 
  • Mon, Wed, Fri: 8am - noon. (through the dept that just forced me out of my job early)
  • Saturday: 8-5 music dept...   (flexible, work whenever hours). 
So I'm thinking this week... this very dead week... I'm going to clock 30 hours at the music dept cataloguing string music. Then submit my 10 hour a week time card and be able to keep my weekends open. 

I have time to be fit. I have time to come up with a game plan for this upcoming scary terrible week. I have time to do the mountain of laundry. I have time to menu and shop prior to the week starting.

- no time with three jobs. 
- compromised sleep patterns. 
- less time to make food. 

- 2 miles from call center, I can do my interval runs! 
- No dress code (workout gear!)
- MONEY!!!! (less stress!)
- Challenge to see how quickly I can adapt. 
- Remind myself what it's like to not be boss. 
- Remember how to learn a new job.

The Moving Situation... 
I have a sublet!!! I'm moving out to Brooklyn. I have a place to stay the DAY I arrive. No needing to crash on a friend's couch. No need to put people out. I've been able to figure out how to get there from the airport. The girl who is subletting is a friend of a friend. She's going to still be there for a week or so, staying with a friend in a different apt. She will show me around and help me get my bearings. 

I'm moving with a friend from Idaho, Shasta... she's actually going to share the room with me. Our costs are HALVED. Even if the job stuff goes all to hell, I will have enough to get me through! 

Best part... are you ready for this?! New apartment is within one mile of the following... 
  • Organic food Co-Op. 
  • Prospect Park (for running!) 
  • Target and Old Navy so I can cheaply keep up with my dropping sizes! And buy affordable tampons. 
  • Laundromat. 
After doing all the math... I will actually be making more this way than when I would if I had been able to keep the original job. Breathe easy. Leave off in good shape. I can take a deep breath... funny how the stress lets up and I drop 4lbs in a week. I can do anything good!!!    

Wendy over at eatsleepmove and I had a great conversation yesterday. Talking about faith. I'm not religious which sometimes makes me feel like an outsider in the fat blogging arena since weight loss can be such a spiritually related experience as well. 

But I do have faith that if I do everything in my power to set a plan in motion and then let go... things will work out. I can't prove that it will. I'm not owed anything... I am not entitled. I have to do my part. I must trust that what happens is for the best. Whether it be a "learning experience" (see: crappy, but an opportunity to grow) or whether it goes smoothly... I am a person. People are highly adaptable. We survive. We cope. We grow and learn and strive. 

I have done what I can. I have set my job stuff in motion. I have worked for the past 7 years in preparation for this. I have gotten a sublet. I will trust that I can find a job when I relocate. I trust that someone out there is looking for an employee just like me. (hopefully in the personal assistant/administrative assistant realm). 

Big Fat Faithful, Trusting, Successful Love, 



  1. You have had a great week! Stressful, yes, but great. I know you will make it all happen!

  2. Ooo yeah! 4 lbs is a great loss! Ready to blow the horn and throw confetti next week when you pass the 300. You are doing so great. Size 22? That is a slim size for a "big girl" so your workouts have counted for you and your body measurements are not according to your weight. You are another who is proof that exercise IS an important part of slimming down. Great job and all exciting news. Happy for ya!

    1. it's definitely a squeeze to get into those pants... but Not beyond hope or reach. FINALLY!

  3. Awesome loss! Also, I've had weeks where I've dropped pounds and gone up in inches too and I swear it was related to the amount of exercise I did. I tend to swell up a bit after a heavy workout week and then a few days later am nice and lean. Granted this could all be in my imagination...

    1. I experience that too! I don't really worry much about the measurements... I worry about dropping the weight and doing my workouts better. I like measurements when my scale stops moving... it reminds me that stuff is ACTUALLY happening.

  4. "I do have faith that if I do everything in my power to set a plan in motion and then let go... things will work out."
    Loved this line that you wrote.
    You've had so much going on lately, yet it's all falling into place. I'm so happy for you! Losing the weight, getting the jobs and the apartment, moving to a new place ... it's all very exciting.
    Good luck with week 7!! :)

  5. Bummer, I think I tinkered with gmail+ (attached it? to blog then deleted the gmail account) and that might have screwed up your ability to subscribe. I'm so sorry, I'll try to fix it. Hopefully you'll be able to subscribe. Thank you so much for visiting my blog outside of your dashboard!

    I know right now it's super stressful time so the fact that you're making time to eat right and exercise - Props! Also....roommate situation <---YEAH! I'm so glad that you'll be roommies with a friend not a stranger.

    So I'll be here, stalking your site, rooting and following :)

    Excellent workout schedule, I will have to step up my lazy schedule because if you have time to be so diligent about it during a stressful transition time, I simply have no excuse.

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. I've tried to subscribe again.. I'll see if it works out. :)

      I feel so lame, since you're such a consistent follower/commenter and I miss so much of what you write! UGH!

  6. You must just be salivating for the 200s! You are so close! It does sound like you had a really great week! I'm always impressed with how focused you are, despite having so much going on! Good luck this week!

  7. Great loss this week and an awesome NSV with your pants, way to go girl! Life can get hectic, but I think you will be just fine. I hope you have a fantastic week Nanette!

  8. Wow. 4 lbs under that kind of stress? You are a superwoman. You have such a positive attitude. It is no wonder you found 3 jobs already, but goodness, 3 jobs? Sheesh. I hope you have time to sleep. I'm glad you found a place and someone to share it with. Good luck with the move, the new jobs, and your goal to get under 300. You can do this!!! Best of luck this week.

  9. Keep the faith Nanette! You can do it!

    Thanks for being an inspiration.

    Eat Live Move

  10. great job with week 6! And I can't wait to see how week 7 goes for you... under 300!!!

    Sounds like you've got the right attitude to get through the tough times you're going through.

    Keep it up girl!

  11. You are so close to the 200's! Have a great week :)

  12. Congrats on the loss, and all of this good things coming your way. I'll be your neighbor, I'm from Queens and my sister lives in Bay Ridge. Good luck with everything!

    1. AWESOME!!! Maybe we'll have to do a health food lunch or something and meet at some point. Would you be up for that? Shoot me an email! Probablynan at gmail dot com.

  13. Hey, you are so close to the 200s you can just like grab out and TAKE IT!


  14. Four pounds is terrific. Love your spunk, too! Have a great week. Thanks for the tip on BennGreen. I will check him out.

  15. Congrats on the loss and the jobs!!! With your attitude and mindset you will reach your goal by next Sunday no problem!! Hope the stress eases off some!! Good luck this week!!


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