Friday, May 25, 2012

Ready for this!? - 7 day countdown begins.

So here're the stats.

Weight: between 305-309

Stress: off the charts.

Working: 65 hours this week.

Sleeping: 4-5 hours a night.


I have a couple job opportunities in the new city. So when I land, I have a couple in person interviews all lined up. Restaurant/catering work and an office assistant position for a search firm. I have high hopes and a good feeling about life outside of Idaho. I feel like I can put that aside now. I can put the planning aside.

But while I'm still here...

I have 3 more 2:30 - midnight shifts. (Friday, Tuesday Wednesday).
No more morning work.
So sleep will be improving.

I have 3 more days in my apartment.
To scrub clean, top to bottom.
To eat the food in the fridge or get rid of it.
To pack my suitcases (and do a serious amount of laundry).
To make my last goodwill donations.
To walk around naked.
So the stress is still high.

I'm worried about my motivation and losing my progress because I'm having such a difficult time focusing. So I've told myself. "Nanette, you've done this for months. You know how to make good food decisions. Trust that for now. If you gain a few pounds, you'll lose them again when you relocate and settle."

But I'm trying to determine whether or not that's B.S.... Excuses to get back to "addict" behavior. I'm experiencing a definite lack of peace while the ground underneath my feet shifts and the mental athlete I've trained has gotten flabby. But I feel like, what's the harm in just relaxing for 7 days. (SELF, DO NOT TAKE THAT AS A CHALLENGE TO GAIN AS MUCH WEIGHT AS YOU CAN IN 7 DAYS).

Things I give into will be habits I have to break again. Cravings to fight. Soreness to overcome. But guess what, Nanette... that's life. There's no point in which everything will be perfect.. that eating and working out will be 100% all of the time. What matters is that you keep trying and how you adjust. Being flexible and positive is going to get you through this. Never give up! Never give in!

B: Zoi
S: Chocolate covered peanuts ( I KNOW, I KNOW).
L: Spinach, tomato, blueberry, goat cheese, balsamic salad.
S: 1 cup cottage cheese.
D: Tuna sandwich, odwalla juice.
S: 1 cup cottage cheese... (if I'm going to eat for comfort right now... may as well be high in protein).

.5 mile to Job 1.
2.5 mile to Job 2.
2.5 mile from Job 2.

Big Fat Gentle Reminder To Move Forward Love,


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! So much happening all at once. Hang in there, girlie. Just take it one meal at a time. Good choices, good choices. And I'm with you on the 7 day challenge - weigh-in for me in the morning!

    Stay steady, eye on the ball.

  2. I love your post. You need no advise from your peeps you actually have it all under control I think. Maybe just a word of encouragement! YOU CAN DO THIS! :)

  3. So, I dreamed about you the other day [please don't freak out!]. I think yours was the last blog I read before going to bed, so it must have stuck with me... and fevers = insane dreams. I thought it was pretty funny, so thought I'd share:

    You just moved to California (not New York) -- and I just happened to be vacationing there so we decided to meet up for lunch. We went to a Japanese restaurant, but you were hesitant because you weren't sure you could control yourself (not knowing the calorie counts of the foods). But, you agreed to go as long as I agreed to not let you order anything outside of your calorie range. 2 seconds later, you had already ordered your meal and hadn't consulted me -- I ordered a small udon soup, clear broth, green onions (yes, my dreams are this detailed) and you ordered the hugest butter ramen soup (I think this was a memory from Japan & butter ramen is delicious btw)... I kind of rolled my eyes at you because you didn't even consult me and not 2 seconds earlier you were making me promise to prevent you from ordering something you shouldn't. We sat down to eat -- and we were talking about calories (ughh.. even in my dreams!) and I said mine was around 700 calories, and you asked about yours. So, I went through all the calories and yours came out to about 3000... you then proceeded to flip-out at me because I didn't stop you from ordering it (geez, you were pissed!) and refused to eat it, instead going for the sandwich in your purse. (Why did you have a sandwich in your purse?) That done we then spent the day shopping at boutiques for cheap clothes...

    So, yeah. I also had a dream about being a spy...and there was one about stealing couture hats with Neil Patrick Harris. haha. Fevers are fun!

    Anyways, Good luck this week -- can't wait to hear about the big move! And, maybe put a sandwich in your purse, just in case! :D

  4. LOL Above ^^^^^ Interesting comment! Make sure the bread is high fiber so you can be guiltless on the sandwich.

    Exciting exciting news! So how do you get around in the Big Apple? Will you be taking the subway? I only rode three subways in life and years ago. Buenos Aires, Montreal and BART(which really only goes under the bay). I liked it. If I were in NYC I would take a Graff Tour (see at grafftours dot com). The Brooklyn one costs $150 because there is so much. If you familiarize yourself with the famous ones, maybe post a pic for Bluezy, ey?

  5. Sorry for your stress. I know first hand that stress is horrible for my weight loss. Wishing you the best in the move.

  6. OMG so much going on ... this is the time to focus on tackling the things that need to get done. I had to go through something similar just before submitting my thesis. Sometimes you just can't do it all (though of course I'd like to argue otherwise). Reality is that other things come up. Just do the best you can in terms of exercise and food. Your move does not mark the end to this journey, so rest assured that you'll be picking up and continuing once you get to NY.

    Good luck getting through it all!

  7. It's so hard to think clearly when you have so much going on!!
    I know you can do it! The back to normal days are getting closer :)


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