Sunday, May 20, 2012

RFSC - Mini Challenge

Okay. So those of you who are not challengers in the RFSC thing...

The miniature challenge this week is to find an aspect that needs some concentration and focus on it for X amount of time to make a streak calendar.

I have 13 days until I fly out. I have decided to take great care for the next thirteen days to track my calories in MFP.


Go 13 days without going out to eat (like my lent goal).

Now that second one might be unrealistic right now... since a lot of my friends want to go out to dinner or take me out to lunch before I go. I think I'm going to make them not. Now it is just as important as ever to NOT go out... Save money. Save calories. Save guilt and stress about eating things I KNOW I shouldn't. I'm going back to bubble living...   the bubble of only eating what's in my house.

PLUS, I only have 13 days to eat the fresh fruit and veg that I have in my fridge. And there's plenty. I can only donate dry goods. I hate to see stuff go to waste.

Tomorrow I weigh in officially. For now, I'm sitting at 305. So I haven't moved much. I've seen as high as 312 this week and as low as 301. I have GOT to get my shit together.

Big Fat Mini Challenge Love,


  1. I like your mini-challenge, and it is especially appropriate for you with such a short time left before you leave. But I wish you luck on persuading friends to not take you out. Maybe they could get a veg tray and eat in?

  2. I've also got my travel date as a target to get my shit together. For some reason I just don't feel as focused at the moment and I know that'll only lead to trouble!

    Love the motivation pic - definitely something I needed to hear today.

    Good luck with your plan!

  3. I would go psycho with that up and down variance in a week. My scale would be pieces.

    I had to look up streak calendar. LOL I thought "Oh yeah" when I saw the first link on my google search being an app to the glorious and elite Iphone.

    I hate to waste food as of my main problems in life was left overs. When nobody wanted it the next day, I would just have to eat it instead of tossing it. Now let it be tossed and come get the evil fridge, too! LOL

    So excited for you going to NYC! Can't wait to read your blog from there!


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