Monday, May 21, 2012

RFSC update...

Weight: 306 (+1) ... this is going the wrong direction.

Water: Too little.

Food: Too much.

Waist: 46" (+.5).

NSV: walked 15 miles this week. Ran about 2. and mangaed to get a little sleep here and there. Also my house is naked and I've given away all the stuff in my pantry. One week left of cooking at home before I'm staying at a friends house and am without a kitchen.

I'm really upset about this ever increasing number. I'm being a lot more strict about diet and exercise this last week. I made menus (while not logging calories) but I've followed these menus exactly before and been very successful. I've been floating around 1500 roughly per day. Then the weekend hit and I had sushi twice. But that's the only thing I didn't make myself.

Water could be a ton better - ish... I don't have freedom to go to the bathroom whenever I want at the new job... so I have to be careful about that.

I am wondering if the birth control is contributing. I'd love to stop it, but it's just not an option. This is my first month on it after a 5 month hiatus in which the numbers went down down down.

I'm also positive that it's at least another 20% of not enough concentration.

This week.
Weight: - 4lbs (just do it already).
Water: 100oz a day.
Food: Log every day.
NSV: Get in 2 non-walking to work workouts.

I'm sick of this. I need to hold on and not gain for the next two weeks and then try again when I'm in NY and done with this stupid anticipation of moving.

Big Fat Mildly Discouraged But Gonna Punch This Fat In The Face Anyway love,


  1. You can do it girl! You've got so much going on I probably would have cracked by now and gained 20 lbs, lol.

  2. Hang in there. Consistency is key. Good luck with week 9. :)

  3. Just don't give up. Stress plays havoc on our hormones and cortisol will cause a temporary weight gain, you WILL get through this.

  4. Don't let the numbers this week frustrate you. Just keep trying. With all that's happening in your life right now I can only imagine how hectic things are. Good luck!!

  5. Well,that was some self-assed kicking. I have found that once I made exercise a part of my life, it is. Not always easy, but can be done. Finish week nine strong!


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