Monday, April 30, 2012

Brain Explosion....

I want to punch the world in the face right now.

I got an email on Saturday indicating that my last day at work is the 5th. 20 days earlier that the TWENTY FIFTH that I told them would be my last day. I'm absolutely livid and panicked... I move in 31 days. I need all the cash I can get! I have another job that will help me with the bills this month. But I HAVE to find another way to keep saving money.

I'm freaking out about so many things. Things that shouldn't be happening. I never gave a two weeks notice. I made it clear my intent. I choose my date of leaving... according to university policy. So I'm filing an Internal Grievance... that will take WEEKS to process. But I may receive back pay and the department needs to have some sense of accountability. This isn't the first time that they've been poor communicators about important things like a person's EMPLOYMENT aka fiscal livelihood.

I let them know in advance when I would be leaving and they've cut it short since they've hired someone already. I let them know so they wouldn't be stuck in the lurch... so they could start looking for opportunity in other employees.

Looks like healthy eating will be slightly compromised. I'm going to have to stick to pantry living for a little while.



  1. That really stinks! It is not nice when others mess with our plans!!!
    Hang in there it will all work out and you will be cruisen around the big apple in no time!

  2. Ugh. That sucks!!! I hope it gets resolved in your favour!

  3. If nothing positive comes of your filing a complaint (and I pray it does!), at the very least I think you feel great peace of mind in having done the decent thing and notified them early rather than with 2 weeks notice. It was considerate and you took a risk at your own expense to do that. When crap like that backfires, it's hard not to get bitter. People can just downright suck. But you don't. And you can feel good about that. I admire you for it and wish more people were like you.

  4. Sorry this is happening to you! I hope it works out :(

  5. This is horrible! I'm so sorry you have to stress through this until it gets resolved and settled. Hope they'll get a move on it pronto.

  6. I swear blogger hates I can't even reply on my OWN blog!! Thanks for your comment, yes 6/1 means run 6 minutes walk 1 minute, that's the point we were at in our Learn to Run clinic so that's what we did for the race.

  7. I can't imagine how stressful that is! I hope the problem gets resolved without much more stress!

  8. Money problems make me eat carbs. Hold on chica.

  9. That is seriously awful...I feel so bad for you, because I know how much money stress plays on the mind. You've just got to get through these few weeks and it'll be over soon. Then you've got a complete, great, new start at the new place!! Thinking of you.

  10. OMG... I read your update post, then read this one to see what the heck was going on... Wow. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Like a student doesn't have enough stress at the end of the semester? Ugh. keep your head up girlie!


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