Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Asleep early

Only made it to one post yesterday... If your curious as to why I post so often lately... I'm doing the 2 post a day challenge extended by Allan. It goes until Feb 22.

Last night was a tedious work shift... Not hard. Just slow and boring and you can only check your email and facebook so many times. I should have taken another book. I probably could have finished one over the course of a shift.

Yesterday I was SO HUNGRY. Not brain hungry, tummy hungry. So I ate. I stayed under 1800 calories... but it was so munchy, apple here, peanut butter and celery there, protein bar, orange.. etc. Lots of mini things between meals. The feeling was so weird to me. I didn't work out yesterday. I hardly did anything. I ate more than what was on my menu. :( But stayed healthy and single ingredient kind of things.

The friend that got jumped coming out the of the bar skipped out on our lunch yesterday to file a police report. If someone's going to cancel... that's a legit excuse. So I have yet to hear all the details. Though he did mention that he's broke because they robbed him in addition to beating the crap out of him. He still went to all of his classes. I hope he takes this and runs... and doesn't back down or feel like something is wrong with him to "deserve" that kind of violence.

This morning's workout was great. It was week three of our fitness test. 7 exercises, 50 seconds a piece. How many reps could I do? Here are the scores.

exercise -- week 1-- week 3
squats       -- 38 -- 32
push ups   -- 24 -- 28
burpee       -- 7 -- 10
high knees -- 43 -- 66
lunges       -- 21 -- 30
squats        -- 18 -- 26
crunches    -- 17 -- 41

So mostly improvement. I'm still modifying some of the stuff. Though last week, I did some REAL burpees. I could only do like... 3... but I did the real jump out  and the real jump back! We did another round of punching/kicking exercises after. I'm still really proud of myself for getting a run in on Sunday. I've gotta do it again. i'm thinking Thursday, my "off day."

Big Fat Moving-It Love,


  1. Can you hold a plank for 2 minutes? That's my new goal. I can do, oh, say, 15 seconds right now (on a good day).

    1. I haven't tried it for more than 50 seconds... That was one of the work outs. plank + leg lift/butt squeeze. that's a great goal though! :) I'll start trying that one.


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