Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Okay... I'm ROCKING this week, so far anyway.

Working out
Saturday - off
Sunday - off due to lack of motivation :(
Monday - at home 15 min high intensity aerobic.
Tuesday - 1 hour with trainer high intensity aerobic.
Wednesday (plan) - 1 hour with trainer high intensity aerobic.
Thursday (plan) - off
Friday (plan) - 1 hour with trainer high intensity aerobic

Sticking to the menu
Saturday - check
Sunday - check.
Monday - check.
Tuesday - check.

Today's workout WAS ROUGH! But I successfully completed 150 crunches (50x on sides and 50x center), semi-successfully completed 100 push ups (They were super weak by the end.). Speed walked .5 miles and did a bunch of squats, lunges and tricep thingies... It was a set of 8 exercises with 5-7 minute walking between sets. I did the set 3 times. When I got up from the floor to cool down on the treadmill, my head was spinning like I had gotten up too fast. It kept spinning. Then my hearing went dull... then tinny. It was like I was inside a tin can. Trainer Sarah told me to breathe deep, sit down for a second and she grabbed my water bottle from across the treadmill. That's what pushing yourself too hard feels like.

I protein'd up today. Tomorrow is going to be another hour, last week we were doing 30-45 minute sessions. But we're upping the game to an hour this week. She let me pick 3 of the exercises for tomorrow, we're replacing all burpees... video for you April - since I can't really explain it...   I'm replacing them with mountain climbers since I have to fake the burpees anyway. But I'm not sure what other exercises I want to use yet... I've got some research to do tonight.

Also, made lunch today with a friend - mesquite pork chop, blueberries, sauteed zucchini, tomato slices and 2 apricot halves. All for like... 280 calories. AWESOME! 

Big Fat Hardworkin' Love,


  1. Damn girl, I couldn't believe when I'd gotten your text and you said that you'd done an hour of insanity. I need to get my ass in exercise gear!

  2. You are doing great with the working out, Nanette. Good for you!

  3. Wow, you are really working hard! GREAT! Hope, you stay that encouraged for the rest of the week. Your body must feel so much better by now.

  4. Yuck to Burpees!! I could not do those even if I wanted to. :( But your workout sound really intense and if you don´t lose weight with this much work, I don´t know what will. Awesome work Nanette!!

  5. You are rockin' it! I love when we cooking something at home and it taste delicious and low in calories. It helps us see how ridiculous calorie counts are for restaurants and fast-food places. Keep up the good work!

    BTW, did you get my email last week?


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