Friday, January 20, 2012

E2E #4


Weigh in : 331 (+4) 
Waist: 49.5" (-0) 

Workout: 3/7 Began working with the personal trainer. My body has not hurt this much in years. But I'm already feeling so much stronger. 

Food: GREAT! I did so well with calories this week. 7/7 under 1900. However, I've been having some issues with bloating and gas (gross, I know). So I'm thinking I may be having a sensitivity to dairy as of late. 

Water: 5/7 over 100 oz. The days I was under, I WAS WAY UNDER. 

Book: I skipped a lot of the exercises that the book told me to do... Since a lot of it was "eat two bites of something indulgent then throw it away." "half your portions and put the other half in the fridge." These are things I already sorta do...  If I halved my portions, I wouldn't make it over 1500 calories a day. Since I haven't been feeling good, I certainly didn't want to eat something "indulgent." 

Partner: Melissa is doing great. Her motivation for exercise is amazing... all the hiking and biking she gets done is really an inspiration. 

Support: I think I got to visit EVERYONE'S blogs this week and commented on all or nearly all of them. 

Quote: This is not a commitment to a challenge or a diet plan. This is a commitment to your body and a commitment to lifestyle change. This a commitment to a healthier tomorrow.

So... gain, AGAIN. I've done really well with eating and logging food. I more hydrated than dehydrated... Is it muscle mass? At this point, I'm so sick and tired of watching this damned number float up and down that I want to shout and never weigh in again. My workouts are making me feel so good and so strong and I'm feeling progress. But I don't have any numbers to prove it. 

Also disconcerting, I've been having stomach aches all week due to something I've been eating. I'm trying a week lactose free to see if I can start feeling like a normal person again. I'm guessing it's that, or wheat. As this week the only new food that I've been eating a lot of are those pitas: wheat pita, feta, veggies. It could also be period related? I don't know. I'm now one month off the pill and one week late. No sex. Pregnancy isn't a viable option. However, because of this... whatever it is... I feel like Violet Beauregarde AFTER she eats the four course bubble gum. 

This week...  
Menu: Make it. Shop. Follow it. Lactose Free. Stay under 1900 calories. 
Workout: 3x/with trainer. 2x/5k training. 


  1. Don´t get discouraged. You said it yourself, it´s probably gas. You are doing so good and I´m sure it will show soon!

  2. It sucks about the gain, babe. Hopefully it's just your body adjusting to the shock of working out like a madwoman...or quite probably it has something to do with the other physiological issue you have going on right now. Hope it works itself out next week! I don't even want to step on the scale on Sunday...ugh.

  3. Scales are naughty sometimes but if you are feeling better, stronger, more fit then don't fuss the scale. Sorry you're having tummy issues though, hopw you figure that out.
    Good luck next week. Take care and God Bless!!

  4. Don't focus to much on the number right now. You are eating right, exercising, and hydrating so things have to give you results at some point. As for you tummy issues, I suffer from the same thing. I have found that if I cut my sugar out totally and take a more gluten free or just light on the gluten it will behave.

  5. You are doing good on exercise and the number will show after. Just don't give up and start to eat badly, because you don't see any result on the scale. That's what I usually do and it makes it all just worse. So, just keep doing, what you where doing already and you will see results soon. We are not here to show off, it's not a competition about who can loose the most in one week. It's more about how we can start to eat more healthy. We all will get there. It's not a easy road!

  6. You are commited, and you are working hard. Ignore the scale this week and see what next week says. You are so dedicated and it will show in the end!

  7. Sounds like too much fiber too quickly. But good idea to watch the lactose, too. Don't worry about the gain. I vote that you're gaining muscle! ;-)

  8. If you're doing strength training it could definitly be some muscle gain & the water is important do make sure to get adequate amounts in cause it helps those muscles keep hydrated so they can burn that fat:-)


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