Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Death Becomes Her...

I just finished my first day of the bodyrock fitness test with my friend/trainer. I can barely type. I'm feeling a lot of different things...   a) rubber arms. b) like a wuss. c) like I'm not always going to be a wuss. d) SWEATY. We only did about 30 minutes of workout. I've got a notebook. We're going to see how far we can go in the next few weeks. If I like it, I may not even buy that danged gym pass at all.

This weekend, I had the boy over. I made him eat healthy all weekend and I went on 2 one-hour long walks. We did do a lot of laying around and movie watching. But it felt really great to get up and moving after last weeks sedentary crap. I have a hard time logging food and etc while I've got company because it's so very private to me. Weird. I'm a wide open book in most cases.

Eaba asked me where I'd gone this weekend because I hadn't logged into myfitnesspal since Friday. So this weird "can't log in... people watching," paranoia has to be coming from somewhere. Is it a detachment thing? Like not wanting to look like I care too much or work too hard to maintain or lose weight? It certainly shouldn't be. Boy is trying to lose with me (it's a race.). Is a competition thing? I have showed him and given him all the information and resources I've come across. I certainly had the time. I certainly had the resources. I wasn't binge-ing - swear on my left breast because it's my favorite.

Another pattern to chew on...

Big, Fat, Rubber-arm, Love,


  1. Great first day!!! Dont say ONLY 30 mins!! Say and I rocked those 30 minutes!! Be proud!!!
    Rubber arms?!? Great!! That means you worked em out!!! For me, I usually dont feel the full effect of the 'burn' until 24-36 hrs later! Be proud!!!

  2. yeah... seriously, this day has only gotten harder and harder!!! I'm stiffening up from head to toe. Here's to another work out tomorrow morning. WOO!

  3. Congratulations on your first day of work out! I need to get there yet. Good to read how others are doing. I need to get my walking shoes on tomorrow! Today it's to late for it!

  4. You are awesome! I'm so proud of you for sticking to your workout plan. As for the boy issue and logging food, be proud of yourself for the hard work you did to stay on track even with him there and log your food and exercise. That way he can see how committed you are to getting healthy. If it's really an issue that you can't get over right now then maybe you could write it down and log it when he is not there?!?

  5. Yeah!! Feeling rubbery today won't last too long. You will feel better the next time!! Keep it up cuz!

  6. I agree with the don't say "just" 30. A thirty minute good workout is all you need. I don't buy into the hours and hours of extremist working out. I think one should do what is good and health-affirming and sustainable. Most folks will never keep up with long or endurance working out. Life intrudes. But 30 mins..anyone can fit that in. Even a person as busy as the Prez of the U.S. :D So, be proud and keep on with your muscle-building self!

    (I remember when I first tried personal training, and it was 30 mins, and man, some days I thought I was gonna DIE when the soreness set in and couldn't lift my leg to drive. Literally...could not drive. hahah.)


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