Saturday, January 28, 2012

E2E #5

Uh... heck yeah...
Such a weird butt... It's like I have a rainbow of fat around it while it disappears, creating this concave look.

Weigh in: 323lbs (-8) My butt is disappearing and my legs are getting smaller. I think this is in part due to period being over (water retention) and a lot in part to the new work out.

Waist: 50" (+.5)

Work out: 4/7. 3 with Sarah. I'm not hurting as bad, though there are days. I had non-functioning hamstrings for 3 days this week.

Food: 7/7 under 1900. I kept to my plans. When I went off my predesigned menu, I ate things from other days on the menu (except for BK). Worst eat of the week: Burger King double cheeseburger plain at a whopping 440 calories. {insert excuse} Fact is, I ate it. Other fact is, I ate it and I was still hungry. 440 calories should be enough to fill a person up if you're eating real food.

Water: 6/7 over 100oz. Yesterday I was home all day and just kinda didn't use my water bottle.

Book: Honestly, haven't touched it since last week. I'll get back on that.

Partner: Melissa- She's doing great. Staying active. Joined Curves. Eating at home. She's the next Betty when it comes to logging food every day on MFP.

Support: At least three, if not more.

Quote: This is not a commitment to a challenge or a diet plan. This is a commitment to your body and a commitment to lifestyle change. This a commitment to a healthier tomorrow.

Big Fat Check-in Love, 
Nanette Nielson


  1. Good update, Nanette. I'm glad things are going well for you. I hope to have a better week myself this week. I need to get some exercise. You seem to be doing well with that. :)

  2. This is why I gave up Taco Bell, BK, McD's, Dominoes, etc, in 2010. They did not fill me up, and their foods aren't designed to do so. They're designed to make you want to eat more and spend more $$$. And come back again and again to spend $$$ and eat unnourishing, body-damaging food. Give them up. Eat real food. If you have to go for an emergency meal, hit Wendy's for chili and a potato or a salad with chicken, and skip the croutons. Wheat makes for hunger.

    Congrats on meeting caloric and other goals. And your butt...that was my butt. Those were my upper arms. I guess when you get to my size, you'll have kinda my butt and arms. Sorry about that. I don't have a great butt or great upper arms..and the saggy skin is horrid.'ll feel better and clothes will fit hella better.

    On we go...

  3. Or can get the protein on a salad with some heart-healthy fat in the guacamole. The salsa is nice. And I get the fajita veggies to up the vegetable count. THey have beans if you want fiber. That's pretty much the only fast food place I go to now and then....

    Elevation burger-you can get a burger in a lettuce's grass-fed beef. You can get a veggie burger (but one has soy and the other has wheat, so not a perfect choice). I tried the soy one: eh.

  4. "She's the next Betty when it comes to logging food every day on MFP." hahahaha LOL! I love that. MFP is really my drug. I love it when it says "finished under her goal" or that I´ve logged in for over 100 days. It shows me that I CAN do it and that I have finally committed myself. For so many years I´ve tried and tried and nothing would stick. MFP is the best thing that happened to me (no, they didn´t pay me to write this) :).
    Congrats to your huge loss this week! You body really is showing the loss and I¨m so happy the scale is finally saying it too.

  5. Love your quote!!! And its the only way to be successful long term, commiting to yourself!

  6. I can't believe you lost 8 big, fat, freaking pounds!!!!! You have to feel good! When I get good results it motivates me to keep going and to say no to the bad food choices. I agree with Mir. Leave the fast food alone. It is crap food and will do NOTHING for you other than make you fat, sick, and tired. My only go to when I need to eat fast-food is Chick-fil-A. I get the spicy chicken cool wrap with light Italian dressing. It does have 410 calories but it fills you up and it has lettuce, tomato, cheese, chicken, and a whole grain wrap in it.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. This sounds like a great entry. You're doing awesome. Don't you love when you can see progress in pictures. Keep going lady!

  8. Most awesome update. You are doing great. Keep that up. Take care and have another wonderful week. Blessings!!

  9. Damn, what an effing awesome loss!
    Also--I have a weird butt too. I say I have a fake butt (where my butt gets really big at my lower back, which isn't even REALLY my butt) and then my real butt. My fake butt is definitely bigger. what the hell is up with that?

  10. You are doing great, Nanette. How did you manage to loose sooo much in ONE week? It has payed off, that you did so much hard exercise this last week. GREAT! Keep up the good work! You will shrink rapidly!

  11. What a great update! Your BK comment made me smile. I am the same way about fast food. I love it, but it doesn't satisfy me. On the other hand, it usually makes me sick. I guess that's why fast food is not "real" food. Whatever your secret is, just keep doing (or not doing) it. You're making great progress!

  12. I love your quote, Nan. Commitment is that giant leap you have to take in order to see change!


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