Sunday, January 22, 2012

Major Accomplishment...

I got home from the hot springs last night earlier than usual. I was hungry for anything that wasn't in my house. I reached for my phone, "I should text someone so we can go to dinner." No. It's too expensive. So I ate a couple nuts. I need something sweet. (Need, psh). I thought about all the things I could get at the bakery... and put on my shoes.

Earlier yesterday I was browsing through fit2fat2fit and mynewyearspromise. I blend the two menu programs together, along with skinny bitch cook book and make my weekly menu so I can shop for the week on Sunday (never friday or I eat all the good stuff before monday). But I've created a six meal day for 7 days... so I knew what I needed to purchase.

I made it to the grocery store and b-lined for the bakery... and a miracle happened. Nothing looked good. Confectioner's sugar smelled dusty and sickly sweet. I looked at muffins and doughnuts and brownies. Nothing. Fancy breads... Nothing. I perused the store, picking up packages and reading nutrition facts. "480 calories per serving?!?! That's almost an entire work out! There are 5 servings in the package?!?!" I kept talking myself out of everything. Tried the frozen food isle. I couldn't talk myself into any of it. "too much sodium." "too fatty." "corn syrup? hell no."

At the checkout, I looked down at my basket and surprised myself; ultra lean ground turkey, 2% cottage cheese,  a couple protein bars (9g of sugar or less), tampons (delicious!) and some liquid egg whites. MY!!! How the tables have turned... normally I'm going to the store for something healthy and wind up with a snickers bar or a something sweet or with zero nutritious value.

I ate a protein bar and a cup of cottage cheese when I got home. Got my sugar and my salt and my protein and didn't want anything else. Crisis averted. Good job, body.

Big, Fat, NINJA'D CRAVING, Love,

p.s. Down 1.5lbs this morning. And no longer feeling sick and bloaty and stomach upset.


  1. That was awesome Nanette. I did really good today too shopping. The worse thing I got was multigrain wheat thins.
    Keep up the great work. Truly great!!
    Take care and God Bless!!

  2. Super awesome nonscalevictory!! Congratulations!!! Thats amazing!!! Great job!! Healthy choices!! Its a new way of life!

  3. Okay, that is just amazing - you go to the store specifically for junk food and come home with healthy! Yeah Nanette!!

  4. You rock! I will think of you next time I´m at the grocery store. :)

  5. I just had to post something here, after your amazing experience! GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT! Congratulations! Keep repeating this. hahaha I feel happy with you!

  6. Way to rock the healthy choices! You know things are going well when your thought patterns start to change. Thanks for telling us! What a great way to start the week!

  7. WOO HOO!!! You did great on that shopping trip and in not succumbing to the mental cravings!

  8. That's a major KUDOS to you! Awesome:-)


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