Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taking another challenge...

Allan over at Almost Gastric Bypass extended a challenge to blog twice a day until February 22 since most of us fall to crap on the weekends, or have inconsistency, or go back on our commitments to ourselves and our bodies.

So here we go.

Today is a rest day from working out. Two days of pushing, pushing, pushing! My legs are so stiff. Apparently, I have a tendency to CLENCH my ankles together when doing my girlie push ups. But this is such a better pain than the low back pain I get when I'm inactive... it's dull and achy and gets sharp when you bend. I would take stiff over that any day. I'm lining up a massage next weekend as a reward for sticking to the new work out. I should probably buy Sarah one too, since she's the one getting me off my ass (for now, I plan on getting in 2 work outs this weekend with out her).


Today's Menu
Breakfast: handful of blueberries, handful of almonds.
mid-morning snack: Protein bar (promax 9g sugar 24g protein)
Lunch: Spinach Chicken Quesadilla + steamed veggies
afternoon snack: Orange and tea
Dinner: egg white omelet with fresh veg.
bedtime snack: banana and peanut butter.

I'm running out of ingredients, so I'm modifying the meal plan as I go. I'm just replacing it with other items from the week. I don't feel there's anything that I should tell myself "NO" to on this list. The most processed stuff on there is the tortilla for the quesadilla and the protein bar. I've been LOADING up on protein lately with the new work outs.

I took new photos yesterday for progress' sake. I have not taken my measurements. I'm not sure I've lost weight because I'm pretty sure I'm getting some good muscle going on. With this much soreness, I had better get some good muscle going on.

Finished another book... that makes 5 since the beginning of January. I've got to finish 3 more by the end of the month to be on track for my goal of 100 books in a year.

  • The Art of Racing In The Rain 
  • Total Constant Order - Chappell
  • Looks - George
  • Creepers - Dahme 
  • 47 - Mosley
Most of them are Young Adult - since they read faster and they've been on my "to read" list for a while. Also on the list; Eat, Pray, Love. The Secret, Atonement, The Stupidest Angel, The Aviary, The Little Prince, Moral Disorder, Recovery Road, Life is Hard Food is Easy. Let's see how many I can finish by next week! :) I can usually read one in two days or so if I don't get too busy.

Big, Fat, Twice a Day, Love <----- just how I like it! ;)

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