Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And I Thought Yesterday Was Death...

Today got even more rough with the trainer. I'm so glad we're only working out 3x a week together; Tues, Wed, Fri. Tomorrow is going to be a rest day for sure.

The first work out today was 20 minutes long. 50 seconds per exercise. 10 second break (aka, pull yourself off the ground and back to standing). Lots of things like burpees, pushups, side planks, bike crunches, v-crunches, side plank crunches, squat-jacks, squats and much of it had to be modified for me as a beginner.  I can't wait to do a decent burpee (standing to push up position and jump back to standing). We finished that work out and then did another core-centric set, 50 crunches of each type. And a 5 minute treadmill cool down and stretching. I feel good-ish? I can definitely feel every muscle in my shoulders and legs right now. I know they exist. I know they are powerful.

Mir commented yesterday that she was barely able to drive home after her thirty minutes with a trainer. I completely understand. I skipped one of my jobs today/worked from home. I just didn't have it in me to walk the half mile there. I wound up sitting in a hot bath for an hour (drinking water - bottled, not bath). It took an hour before I could coax myself out of there. Tell ya what, it's time for potassium rich foods and protein.

I can't wait for this to get easier. That's for sure. It's great for my diet. I'm too sore to even want to bend over to put stuff in the oven. So raw fruits and veg it is!

Also...   I'm signing up for a 5k in April. I may not run it. But I'm committing to myself that I will at least run/walk it. Since Trainer days are Tues, Wed, Fri, I need 2 more work outs. So why not throw in some run/walking on Sunday and Monday?! If anything it will keep me from seizing up entirely before the next round with Sarah.

I'm behind on photos. My camera died. Gotta find the charger. :) Let's be realistic. Gotta be able to bend and fold in order to look under stuff to find the charger.

Big Fat SORE Love,


  1. Sounds like a great workout and hope you are not so sore next time.

  2. Someone had a great workout. You did awesome keep it up!!


  3. I'm absolutely positive that I'll start getting used to this in a week or so and I won't hurt as much! :) I still wanna hurt SOME, but not this much.

  4. "(drinking water - bottled, not bath)" - LOL!!! hahaha
    You crack me up. I hope you´re not to sore today. You go girl!!

  5. Time with a trainer is the only event where when it hurts, you know you get your money's worth. I don't understand the burpees thing, but I think that's what they called it on the mini challenge they did on Biggest Loser this week. Looks brutal. Congrats! And, the 5k?! yes, Ma'am, you are officially amazing!

  6. You rock girl. Keep up the great work. Good luck with your 5K too, I know you'll do awesome.
    Take care and have a blessed day!!

  7. Drinking the Bathwater - LMAO!!! It does get better, the post workout pain. I can honestly say now that I no longer hurt for days after a good session with the trainer. It took a while, though, like more than a month!

  8. Way to go Nanette!!! I worked out with a trainer on Tuesday and I am still sore! Taking a nice walk on the treadmill on an incline today was very helpful to losen me back up!

    Three days a week! You are going to kick butt!

    Keep it up cuz!

  9. Wow, sounds like you are doing great this week! As for being sore I feel ya'! After I hiked 5 miles then biked 5 the next day my leg muscles were so sore it was all I could do to sit on the toilet and stand up again!

  10. Good job, Nanette. It's a good hurt, right?
    Can't wait to read the weekend update!


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