Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Midweek Check-in

Hey Guys!

It's going half and half well this week. I bought a scale I can keep at home. I've been trying to weigh myself daily so I can more closely monitor how certain foods affect me. So far, I've found out that the scale (in comparison to the gym scale, the kind with actual weights) runs about 2 lbs heavy. I compared yesterday - yes I took my personal scale to the gym and compared, heh. I'm sort of anal about stuff like that... all the clocks in my house a synchronized as well. However, heavy or not, it counts units of measurement just like it's supposed to.

I haven't been getting much exercise other than running around campus tying up loose ends and walking to and from work. I've done a little anaerobic stuff in my apartment (squats, lunges, push ups, plank). But I have scheduled a bit more physical activity later in the week such as hauling my laundry to the mat (.5 mi + 50lbs) instead of getting a ride and two new walking routes.

Food has been good. I've stayed away from sweets. I'm eating more, to try and coax my body to give up fat. more veggies. more cooking at home. By doing so, my sodium intake has decreased... i'm also getting a bit more protein.

As of today, i'm 323. So I'm down two pounds since friday's weigh in. wahoo!

Most delicious low cal recipe this week: whole wheat flatbread with feta, broiled then loaded up with cucumbers, celery and spinach. Mmmmm... it's warm. It's nutritious. It's filling.

Big Fat Midweek Love,


  1. Doing great! Keep up the good work. You will get there.

  2. Sounds good. ONly problem is we don´t have flat bread, spinach or celery here....
    I´m so happy you are finally losing. Good job!!

  3. Bread. OH, you're killing me!!

  4. I don't know how you do it, Betty. We are all so lucky to have veggies at hand, organic or not. You're such a trooper.

  5. Great job on the two pounds. I know it is part of your routine but I am not sure I would be willing to carry my laundry to the mat. LOL, I hate doing laundry and I have a washer and dryer at home. I can't wait to see what you do between now and update time.

  6. You're doing a great job...I'm kinda jealous. Sigh. I'm about to email you in a little bit with a support question/favor. Keep it up!

  7. You are doing great. You already lost 2 pounds? Hope, you will be able to see more results at the end of the week. Keep up the good work!

  8. Sound like you are doing well....keep it up. Cukes and feta may need to be added to my salad.


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